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User talk:Dedridd

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Good god man! This is scary - but what is more scary is that there is a NEXT 1000 button! Anyway, congrats on some 1250+ (plus a few) edits - more than I have. Are you sysop yet, and if not, do you want it? (post by Peerless - see his talk and contribs.) 22:14, March 2, 2006 (EST)

Thanks, I think? ;) How about implementing a Find in Files / Replace Next feature for me? (just kidding). Seriously though, it was just small changes to a bunch of pages, fixing the same thing on all of them (categorizing, fixing template calls or parameters, etc). It sure made a mess of the Recent Changes page, didn't it? And yes, I'm a sysop. Dedridd 09:24, March 3, 2006 (EST)
I'm LOL at Peerless! (he knows why) Dedridd 14:33, March 3, 2006 (EST)
I know too -- Tiho *Big Brother* can 15:41, March 3, 2006 (EST)
Ask and ye shall recieve from on high (or low as the case may be): User:SilverBot (-:< (post by Peerless - see his talk and contribs.)
Mmmm, thanks, that's excellent! The find / replace and the touch ability are definitely things I can put to use. What's the response time on that? Instantaneous? Or does it only check for new jobs every so often? I'm going to have to set up some test pages to familiarize myself with the correct syntax. Hmmmmm, can I follow your example and add subpages to my User talk page for testing? I would really want to be confident in what I'm doing before I attempt any big jobs that touch lots of pages. Also, what is the history going to look like for a page that is changed in this way? Will it just say Silverbot, or will it pull the name signed on the job on it's talk page and fill out the history that way? Dedridd 08:47, March 9, 2006 (EST)
She just makes edits like you or I would - under her own name. And she parses her page once a day or so, when I get around to seeing some updates to it and asking her to. Sure, test anywhere you like. (post by Peerless - see his talk and contribs.)

Editing Question[edit]

I'd like to do some serious editing in the alternate paladin build I started. I mean some really huge editing. Actually it's more like a merger with the "yet another build" that has been commented out.

How much freedom do I have (and anyone else) to retract and brutally edit my own work? Shaile 13:26, March 9, 2006 (EST)

This is a wiki - have at it! You have full freedom to do what you want, as long as what you do is an improvement. Seriously. :) If someone disagrees, they'll probably put an entry on the Discussion page attached to whatever page you edited, so it's a good idea to keep an eye on that by hitting the "Watch" tab for it at the top. If you're concerned that your efforts might be misunderstood, put a good explanation in the "Summary:" textbox before you hit the Save Page button. Dedridd 13:36, March 9, 2006 (EST)

Mistaken files[edit]

Reply from Paklu moved to original thread source at his User talk page. Dedridd 16:01, March 9, 2006 (EST)

Home page pic[edit]

Please do not mess with that picture it is what peerless wanted. Pepcfreak 16:21, March 9, 2006 (EST)

please refer to User_talk:Pepcfreak#Images please talk to me before editing stuff i have done. Pepcfreak 16:26, March 9, 2006 (EST)
I invite you to read the Editing policy for the wiki. Dedridd 16:46, March 9, 2006 (EST)
I mean major editing i understand the wiki logic.Pepcfreak 14:08, March 10, 2006 (EST)

Movement tohit penalty[edit]

Hi Ded :O)

Did you find something out regarding shift-movement and the penalty tohit?

Shaile 09:40, March 10, 2006 (EST)

Nothing concrete. I haven't been able to do any significant scientific testing yet, mostly because all I can do is watch my roll bonus (or penalty) whenever the die rolls when attacking. That makes it kind of tough. Dedridd 09:55, March 10, 2006 (EST)


hehe: (-: (post by Peerless - see his talk and contribs.)

Cool. Dedridd 15:28, March 12, 2006 (EST)

Content attributions[edit]

With new content attributions at the bottom of each page, you can add your real name to your profile (if you like) and get credit for each page you help with! Not like you have to, but a first name only is fine, or both first and last, or whatever. Just thought I'd let you know it's an option (-: and that that real name slot actually has a use now! (post by Peerless - see his talk and contribs.)

The pump[edit]

Just letting all users know that we now have a new village pump, similar to 'forums' - in any case, for those who registered before Monday, March 27th, 2006, there is a special procedure you must follow to enable your current account for forums access due to the change in password salting. See this discussion for more info. If you registered after that point, then you are ready to go! Thanks for all the support all our members have shown us, now lets build a strong community of friends (-:

If you haven't yet, post here and and let others know who you are! (post by Peerless - see his talk and contribs.)

Testing testing 123[edit]

Heya - it's been a while since you contributed, and since you were one of our top contributors, I wanted to see if I could convince you to do so again (-: Just checkin in to see what's up, gimmie a ping some time (-: elliottcable (talk, site) 13:44, January 5, 2007 (EST)


bleh I'm a ruby noob. I really wanna learn, but I'm a horrible procrastinator. If you wanna talk, I've updated my IM addresses, everything is 'elliottcable at gmail dot com' right now, add me and we'll talk some time. Seeya! Mr. Cable 21:22, April 24, 2007 (EDT)