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This account has been blocked for indefinitelyIcon tooltip.pngIndefinitely does not mean forever. What it usually means is that you did something that is disruptive or damaging to the wiki or its other users, and you'll need to talk to one of our list of 18 Administrators to prevent the issue from happening again. due to repeatedly making the same edit despite it being undone by two different administrators.. Please contact Technical 13 ( Talk • Contribs • Patrol • Moves • B • D • I • PP • UM • UR ) to see what needs to be done for you to be able to edit again! If that does not resolve it for you, you may try anyone else on the list of 18 Administrators. Thank you for your interest in contributing to DDOwiki.


Hello! I see you've made a lot of "flavored commentary" type edits to the wiki with the information you're trying to relay. As this is a wiki, we prefer content added to be objective and to the point. While I'm not saying you're wrong, words like "nerfed" are opinionated and not objective. An objective alternative might be something like "had it's affect reduced to". As to your block above, your repeatedly undone edits to Horizon Walker enhancements...

  1. diff 504002
  2. diff 504027
  3. diff 504041

... is what is considered DDO:Edit warring, and is not tolerated on the wiki as it's counterproductive and disruptive.

Let's discuss these things and move forward from there. I'd also recommend you to create an account so it'll be easier to discuss things. You may reach out to me directly here on this talk page (I'm watching it), by pinging me on our Discord chat server, by reaching out to me on any DDO wiki:social media platform, or by direct email to  👟 ShoeMaker ( Talk • Contribs • Patrol • Moves • B • D • I • PP • UM • UR ) 👟 10:36, October 24, 2021 (EDT)

  • Whoa, wait a second here. Permablock for a first offence? And without any reasoning given in the diffs for any of the rollbacks? Seems a bit extreme, doesn't it? Our block policy doesn't really cover this very well, I'll admit, but that contribution was at least trying to help. even if they kind of misunderstood what Archer's Focus is supposed to do. PurpleSerpent (ContribsMessage) 12:05, October 24, 2021 (EDT)
    • That's the protocol for anon/IP editors because we have no way of knowing if it's their first offense or not as they could of had other offenses on other IP addresses. This is one of the biggest reasons to create an account.  👟 ShoeMaker ( Talk • Contribs • Patrol • Moves • B • D • I • PP • UM • UR ) 👟 12:41, October 24, 2021 (EDT)
      • OK, fair enough. Though in my case I'd have used the edit reason section to explain why I was removing the edit. PurpleSerpent (ContribsMessage) 13:15, October 24, 2021 (EDT)
        • Corgrind used a "rollback", which doesn't give the opportunity to add a reason. I added a reason to both of my undos that That doesn't seem like a bug that a ranged enhancement only works with ranged weapons. Corgrind should get a note on his talk page saying that a rollback isn't the good faith response to that and to instead use undo with a reason, but I personally haven't had the time to address that yet.  👟 ShoeMaker ( Talk • Contribs • Patrol • Moves • B • D • I • PP • UM • UR ) 👟 09:50, October 25, 2021 (EDT)
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