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Update 32[edit]

Wow, there are so many items being changed because of the CCUP (Cannith Crafting Update Pass)! Vaults of the Artificers loot with over 120 pages being affected Runearms Collars and so on. Good time to clean up the pages, and find missing and orphaned items. :)

Uurlock on Cannith Crafting[edit]

I am biased. I will state that up front. Very biased.

I personally have, and know many others that have spent months (years) leveling Cannith Crafting since its introduction April of 2011 in Update 9.

No other mechanic / system / has as much grind as CC (Cannith Crafting) and it is as it should be.

At low levels of CC (10-80ish) - you can do allot including ammunition and Runestone crafting, with minimum amount of resources invested.

If you don't know about Runestones - then you are missing one of the most underused and under appreciated weapons / tactical implements in the game from level 1 to about level 23ish.

At mid levels (80-120ish) of CC - you can do even more, and start helping friends and even strangers out. At this point you have probably a year invested. Yes, a year invested. Some (rare birds) get to this point with less, and many don't progress past this point.

Finally, for that one insane craftsman out there willing to grind every scrap of loot, forage for every rare collectable, hoard every essence, and patient enough to get to 50 favor in House Cannith and crafting bonus weekends in order to push to the soaring heights of master crafter. This takes 18-30 months to reach level 150 in all three disciplines of Cannith Crafting. Yes, 18-30 months, and maybe 1 in 1000 make it this far. Eventually more will, and some get there faster, but all can get there.

Insane amount of grind to eliminate the random loot lottery in your life? Priceless.

Yes, Raid loot (modern, or updated) should always be the most powerful in the game, because it takes skill and diligence (and luck) to get this level of loot.

Next in power should be the unique named items like Jack Jibbers, the Mysterious Bauble, the Xachosian Eardweller Epic Sword of Shadows, Epic Ring of Spell Storing, and other similar unique items. Luck and patience only can get you these items, and they need to be worthy to keep people trying.

Just under these two listed above is Cannith Crafted by Master Crafters. To get to this point, these players have invested hundreds if not thousands of hours to achieve this pinnacle and zenith, and do (usually) without fanfare or recognition.

Outdated / unupdated raid loot, named items: just because they were good once, and maybe will be again - and like The Blood Stone, maybe someday will be relevant again.

Random Loot is last. Anyone can get lucky and pull something or go to the Auction House and buy it - and if you spent as much time pulling random loot as a master crafter has learning and mastering Cannith Crafting then you will have probably gotten loot as good.

Seems fair - spend time pulling and searching random loot or spend time leveling crafting : in order to get what you want.

Volunteer Mentoring Society[edit]

Too bad there wasn't a volunteer mentoring society - that when a new player joined the game it would ask if they wanted to talk to a volunteer mentor, and if they did, the game would look up who is online of the volunteers and send out a call to mentor this person. just a thought. (include anonymous feedback and rating from both participants)