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About Me[edit]

My name is Jay. I'm a pretty casual player, but I play a lot. I'm currently a VIP player from Buffalo, NY. I am also a founder, and former DDO beta tester.

DDO Enlistment Date: February 24, 2006 (Preorder)
DDO:MotU Collector's Edition: February 27, 2012 (Preorder)

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Contact Me[edit]

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September 15, 2010.

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My Past MMOs[edit]

Asheron's Call (AC1)[edit]

I've been a Turbine fanboi for many years, I dabbled with Asheron's Call for a few weeks, but never really got into it.

Asheron's Call 2 (AC2)[edit]

My favorite game of all time, and there's still a void in my soul from when it was ripped away from me. Still miffed at Turbine for shutting this one down. Grr!

Update: IT'S BACK! Never saw that one coming! Game Necromancy! Mauhahahha! [1]

World of Warcraft (WoW)[edit]

I know what you're thinking... God, not another WoW player!... But, I grew up playing the RTS Warcraft games, and kinda got addicted to the lore involved. It's kind of satisfying knowing that you can enjoy the game on a much higher level (that of a loreseeker) than the mouth-breathing eight-year-old trolls that play it constantly now.

I stopped playing when it became obvious that they took so many shortcuts in the release of the Cataclysm expansion, and the fights are beyond difficult, beyond challenging... beyond enjoyable! I mean, if you're in a party that is ill prepared, or you have more than 250ms latency, you might as well pull the power cord out of your computer and hang yourself with it, because you're not downing that boss... The fight is that hard!

Eve Online[edit]

Tried this one... Couldn't find the enjoyment factor here to warrant paying for it, so I only did the trial period.

Everquest 2[edit]

I kinda got stuck on the economy on this game. The need to pay for your lodging kind of annoyed me.

Saga of Ryzom[edit]

Only did the free month of this game. Although everything looked cool, I couldn't get past how all the avatars looked basically the same.

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Beta)[edit]

I only got selected to do a beta stress test about a week before the release, and seeing the status of the game (incomplete, buggy) at that point left me wondering why any self respecting gamer would pay money for this. I also didn't care for the duck-and-cover-or-die play style that some classes were locked into, whereas other classes were like a brick wall, but did zero damage. "Hello, could the tank get some aggro over here?"

My Current MMOs[edit]


Of course... :) Been playing since beta, and only with a couple gaps due to friends playing other things, and pulling me in, I've spent most of my time here, and enjoyed it since.


Not so much an MMO, but something to do to unwind from the unruly party leader demanding the obscene or obscure. I don't so much play this as give myself exercises to customize this software and deploy it on my personal Linux VPS.

Looking at...[edit]

Diablo 3[edit]

I've liked the Diablo story line, and the cut scenes look amazing, but from the gameplay footage I've seen, this one looks like they polished up Diablo 2 and added a few bells and whistles to it... Call me thrifty, but I'm gonna wait until this goes on someone's sale, or maybe clearance rack before I buy it.. I'm not forking out full dollar for the same thrills I can get by reinstalling D2. Especially, if it'll get stacked next to my StarCraft 2 on my shelve-o-games.