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May I extend my warmest welcomes and offer you any help you may need? Thanks for your contributions, mate!

...First, you may want to check out our FAQ page.
...There's a wealth of wiki documentation on the Help page, perhaps some of it may be of use to you.
...There's a really good Introduction over on Wikipedia also, it should help you figure out what's going on if your new to wikis in general.
...Don't forget to change your DDO wiki user preferences.
...We pride ourselves on providing the best and most accurate information possible and are happy to reward our editors with extra privileges for making that happen. The first step in the promotion ladder turns off the CAPTCHA edit tests and you can check out the details Here.

If you need help with something above and beyond what the links above can provide...

...Someone is most always available! You can drop me a message on my user talk page (which I watch like a hawk), grab my other contact info on my user page, or ask one of the other 15 system operators .

Again, welcome to the wiki - and I can't thank you enough on behalf of the community for your help in making us the best DDO site around Cool Face Kobold worker 05:11, March 01, 2021

I created this account in order to update as many of the items descriptions/screenshots I can to reflect the Update 14 spell power changes. I'm new to the Wiki editing process so I am still trying to figure out how it all works. 8/1/2012 Susalona (ContributionsMessage) 11:03, August 1, 2012 (EDT)
Welcome! If you need any help you can post to my talk page, the talk page of any other active DDO wiki VIP or Sysop, or try to catch someone on the wiki's live IRC chat channel. You can get a list of items that should most likely need their template's updated to Template:SpellPower Here. Big Grin
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 11:31, August 1, 2012 (EDT)

Template:Enhancement_bonus Use "io" for spellcasting implement only (no enhancement bonus) when editing pages like Category:Sentinels of Stormreach epic items. Use "i" when its use in a item template. At the bottom of the editing page is the list of templates used. Most have a how to use guide if you run it some trouble.

  • The template use in the dragons eye item looks be out of date and probably get replace at a future date.
Yes, I still need to add all of the Temporary Spell Amplification things to Template:SpellPower, I was just waiting for some examples of a few screen shots so that I can code it properly. I'll work on it in the next few days. Cool Face
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 18:19, August 1, 2012 (EDT)

Mm export[edit]

I'm currently noticing two things about your mm export project:

  1. Every place that there is a ' in the name of a quest, there is an escape character preceding it ( \' ).
    • You don't need to escape a single quote, only double quotes or you could use ' OR '
  2. This table wound be a little more useful to me, if there was another column for quest level (base on normal).
    • I can add that to the template if you wish, this would be useful to me as I level up a TR from level 1 to hit them in order as I level up for character rewards...
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 12:54, November 9, 2012 (EST)
Actually, that page isn't my project. I just saw that there were some broken links so I went in today and fixed them. I do agree that page needs some cleanup, the \' is an eyesore and breaks links. It is also missing a number of monsters. I do think that page serves a purpose, but I personally think that there should be a line added to the monster infobox template for the monster manual. Something like

|mmanual= Prologue, Volume 1 or Volume 2
That way categories could be automatically populated from the template.

Susalona (ContributionsMessage) 16:32, November 9, 2012 (EST)


It's an odd coincidence that I ran Jeets' mind this morning and was going to create all those same pages... What server do you play on and what are your toons names if you don't mind me asking?

ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 13:56, November 30, 2012 (EST)
Ah, sorry about that. Didn't mean to preempt your efforts! I actually had been meaning to run that one for awhile now to get all the named monsters and when I saw you make the greed monster page this morning I figured I would go ahead and get a pic for it and get all the others at the same time. Susalona is also my name over on the DDO forums so you can look up all my toons if you want, but I play on Sarlona and my mains are Lanoi, Wyndaku, Khallia, Ankara, and Soryana. Since I solo'd the chain this morning on wizzy, I doubt you ran into me though. I got the impression you played on a different server anyway. Most people do since Sarlona is the shortbus server Wink
Susalona (ContributionsMessage) 15:29, November 30, 2012 (EST)
I dont think Tech minds if you finished off the page or he would of made a notice or lock it and then surrounded it with Kolbold Elite Fiendish Guards and Gelatinous Spheres  :) Bladedge (ContributionsMessage) 16:26, November 30, 2012 (EST)
ROFLMMFAO!!! I could care less who or how the pages get made. I just thought it was curious coincidence.

What do you get when you mix a kobold and a dragon?Icon tooltip.pngFunny smelling dragon poop!!!

ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 17:03, November 30, 2012 (EST)
Kobold no think that funny....
Kobold worker (ContributionsMessage) 17:06, November 30, 2012 (EST)

Template:Infobox-monster "|MM type=" argument[edit]

You do not have to include this argument if the monster is not in the MM. It will confuse people, and isn't used. I will be adjusting the template once all of the monsters we have that are in the MM have the line so that it won't show up if not defined or empty. Big Grin

ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 13:26, February 13, 2013 (EST)

Spells page...[edit]

Hey, you're doing a fine job so far... On the Spells page, do you think you could rotate the table? As it is it creates a scrollbar and pushes off the end of my screen at 1280×800 resolution. Other than that... Artificer, Druid, Favored Soul, and Paladin spell pages are all on the category pages. I'm sure you just haven't gotten to them yet, but calling it a day in the middle of a process like that would drive me nuts. lol anyways. Cool Face

 Thumbs Up ↑ ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 20:18, March 15, 2013 (EDT)
Yeah I'll change that table. I'll also keep working on taking stuff off the cat pages tonight and through the weekend til I get done. Its a big project so it may take some time. I'm a little obsessive about these things myself, but I had to take a break to run errands and spend time with the bf and cats. They get cranky if I don't!
Susalona (ContributionsMessage) 21:38, March 15, 2013 (EDT)
Who gets cranky, the bf or the cats? My money is on the cats. Tongue. It will probably take you longer than the weekend, and if you run into trouble let me know by leaving me a message on your/my talk page or sending me an emAil. I'll try to keep checking in, but it's hard on this stupid BlackBerry.
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 22:29, March 15, 2013 (EDT)
Well I'm tapped out tonight, but I'll pick it up again later. Tech, if you could change Template:Spelldescription, Template:Components, and Template:Class advancement table header to point to the correct pages instead of the cat pages, that would help me out quite a bit. I think I could do it myself, but don't want to risk it. I went ahead and fixed Template:SpellsbyClassTOC and Template:ClassTOC myself because it looked really straightforward. Thanks!
Susalona (ContributionsMessage) 01:32, March 16, 2013 (EDT)
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 08:05, March 16, 2013 (EDT)
Why are you moving all the info off of the category pages? I don't see the reason and it adds another click to get from a Red Fens epic item to the useful list of all Red Fens epic items etc. Backley (ContributionsMessage) 02:31, March 17, 2013 (EDT)
Backley, please see the corresponding Discussion about it. If you have any further questions, please direct them to me. Thanks!
ShoeMaker (Contributions  Message) 08:20, March 17, 2013 (EDT)

Check out the 'in-dev' IN DEVELOPMENT page im working on - your thoughts...[edit]

Take a peek at the subject line, I'm sure you'll find it under my recent changes - feedback please..?

Ogre magi[edit]

As you may have noticed, I've recently "demoted" the Ogre Magi race to Ogre Mage sub-race (both for singularity and racial correctness), and updated most links to the former page.

Your user page still contains a link to the former page, but I prefer not to edit other users' pages myself, if I can help it. I'll leave that decision to you. Aldyron (ContributionsMessage) 08:48, February 3, 2014 (EST)