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Bladedge Item namespace concerns :

  • not all (inventory) items warrant a distinct page in item namespace
    • ( no defined exclusion policy provided, one proposed, no response )

Bladedge Item display template refactor concerns :

  • appearance concerns with display template refactor ( cell expansion / whitespace opinions )
    • Discussion on help desk forum started
  • max size required for image declarations
    • fixed in current revision of display template
  • more information on certain rows ( location / zone for vendors, difficulty for chests )
    • location and zone added for vendor row
    • chests/quests still outstanding
  • damage type row output ( multi line instead of single line )
    • fixed in current revision of display template
  • enchantment flexibility ( tiered enchantment output desired )
  • didnt like all templates with more than 1k characters


  • Shown image above details image ( Bladedge + Nibelung )
    • Reasoning : Details pop up is duplicate information used for verification of already shown data
    • Shown image is new information showing appearance
  • Move unlisted information higher ( chests / quests / series / vendors ) because that information is more important
    • Reasoning : Information that does not exist in the game that is important enough to record is more important than existing display of item details
  • Create another layout, this one with images floating so that they will display side by side on larger screens