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User:Hoopy Froodle/Collectables/Farming/Table

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Tier Quest levels Arcane Cultural Lore Natural
Alchemy Table, Scroll Rack, some Bookshelf, some Cabinet, some Crude Altar Mob Treasure Bag (Tier 1-3)
Adventurer's Pack and Rubble (all tiers)
some Bookshelf, some Cabinet Bones, Fungus, Moss, Mushroom, some Crude Altar
1 1-5 Collectableicon AmberVial.gifIcon tooltip.pngAmber vial, Tier 1 Arcane, Common Amber vial

Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gifIcon tooltip.pngVial of pure water, Tier 1 Arcane, Uncommon Vial of pure water

Collectableicon StringOfPrayerBeads.gif Icon tooltip.pngString of Prayer Beads, Tier 1 Cultural, Common Religious IconCollectableicon SmallWoodenIdol.gif Icon tooltip.pngSmall Wooden Idol, Tier 1 Cultural, Uncommon Religious IconCollectableicon IconOfKhyber.gif Icon tooltip.pngIcon of Khyber, Tier 1 Cultural, Rare Religious Icon Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Icon tooltip.pngPage Torn from a Research Notebook, Tier 1 Lore, Common DocumentCollectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Icon tooltip.pngKhyber Prayer Pamphlet, Tier 1 Lore, Uncommon DocumentCollectableicon TomePropheciesOfKhyber.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Prophecies of Khyber, Tier 1 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Icon tooltip.pngSweet Whitecap, Tier 1 Natural, Common MushroomCollectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Icon tooltip.pngDeadly Feverblanch, Tier 1 Natural, Uncommon MushroomCollectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngPale Creeper, Tier 1 Natural, Rare Mushroom

  • Mob kills
    • Kobolds
    • Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?)
    • Wolves
    • Scorpions

2 6-10 Collectableicon SkullFragment.gif Icon tooltip.pngSkull Fragment, Tier 2 Arcane, Common ForensicsCollectableicon GlitteringDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngGlittering Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Common PigmentCollectableicon PowderedBlood.gif Icon tooltip.pngPowdered Blood, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon ForensicsCollectableicon SparklingDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngSparkling Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon PigmentCollectableicon IntactFingerbone.gif Icon tooltip.pngIntact Fingerbone, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare ForensicsCollectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngLuminescent Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare Pigment Collectableicon BladeOfTheDarkSix.gif Icon tooltip.pngBlade of the Dark Six, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Primitive ToolsCollectableicon FuneraryToken.gif Icon tooltip.pngFunerary Token, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Morbid CuriosCollectableicon SignetOfTheDevourer.gif Icon tooltip.pngSignet of the Devourer, Tier 2 Cultural, Unommon Primitive ToolsCollectableicon MarkOfTheKeeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngMark of the Keeper, Tier 2 Cultural, Uncommon Morbid CuriosCollectableicon ShamanicTotem.gif Icon tooltip.pngShamanic Totem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Primitive ToolsCollectableicon NecromanticGem.gif Icon tooltip.pngNecromantic Gem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Morbid Curios Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Icon tooltip.pngCaravan Logbook, Tier 2 Lore, Common DocumentCollectableicon PhoenixTavernPurchaseOrder.gif Icon tooltip.pngPhoenix Tavern Purchase Order, Tier 2 Lore, Common Financial RecordsCollectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Icon tooltip.pngResearch Diary, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon DocumentCollectableicon WavecrasherCargoManifest.gif Icon tooltip.png'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon Financial RecordsCollectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Myths of Old Xen'drik, Tier 2 Lore, Rare DocumentCollectableicon TomeStormreachImportsAndExports857Yk.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857YK, Tier 2 Lore, Rare Financial Records Collectableicon WitheredCryptmoss.gif Icon tooltip.pngWithered Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Common MossCollectableicon CryptmossWormLarva.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss Worm Larva, Tier 2 Natural, Common MothCollectableicon Cryptmoss.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon MossCollectableicon CryptmossWorm.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss Worm, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon MothCollectableicon LushCryptmoss.gif Icon tooltip.pngLush Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Rare MossCollectableicon CryptmossQueen.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptmoss Queen, Tier 2 Natural, Rare Moth

  • Mob kills
    • Animated Armor
    • Bugbears
    • Gnolls
    • Hobgoblins
    • Orcs
    • Skeletons
    • Troglodytes (both 1 & 2?)

3 11-15 Collectableicon CeramicBowl.gif Icon tooltip.pngCeramic Bowl, Tier 3 Arcane, Common ApparatusCollectableicon SingedSoarwood.gif Icon tooltip.pngSinged Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Common SoarwoodCollectableicon Lodestone.gif Icon tooltip.pngLodestone, Tier 3 Arcane, Common OmenCollectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Icon tooltip.pngGlass Phial, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon ApparatusCollectableicon CharredSoarwood.gif Icon tooltip.pngCharred Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon SoarwoodCollectableicon Moonstone.gif Icon tooltip.pngMoonstone, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon OmenCollectableicon CrystalDecanter.gif Icon tooltip.pngCrystal Decanter, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare ApparatusCollectableicon LightningSplitSoarwood.gif Icon tooltip.pngLightning-Split Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare SoarwoodCollectableicon StellarOrb.gif Icon tooltip.pngStellar Orb, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheLostEmpire.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmulet of the Lost Empire, Tier 3 Cultural, Common TalismanCollectableicon PlanarCrystal.gif Icon tooltip.pngSmall Planar Crystal, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Infernal EssenceCollectableicon AmuletOfTheSix.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmulet of the Six, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon TalismanCollectableicon PlanarSpoor.gif Icon tooltip.pngPlanar Spoor, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Infernal EssenceCollectableicon AmuletOfTheArchbishop.gif Icon tooltip.pngAmulet of the Archbishop, Tier 3 Cultural, Rare Talisman Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Icon tooltip.pngRunic Parchment, Tier 3 Lore, Common IntelligenceCollectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Icon tooltip.pngRomantic Sonnet, Tier 3 Lore, Common LyricCollectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Icon tooltip.pngHouse-Sealed Letter, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon IntelligenceCollectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Icon tooltip.pngSilver Flame Hymnal, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon LyricCollectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Icon tooltip.pngScholarly Notes, Tier 3 Lore, Unommon DocumentCollectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: History of the Houses, Tier 3 Lore, Rare IntelligenceCollectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Lost Songs of Cyre, Tier 3 Lore, Rare LyricCollectableicon TomeCodesOfTheAurum.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Codes of the Aurum, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Icon tooltip.pngBruised Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Common Medicinal SporeCollectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Icon tooltip.pngSour Darkcap, Tier 3 Natural, Common FungusCollectableicon DuskbroodTrumpeter.gif Icon tooltip.pngDuskbrood Trumpeter, Tier 3 Natural, Common BeetleCollectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Icon tooltip.pngIntact Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Medicinal SporeCollectableicon CrimsonNightshade.gif Icon tooltip.pngFragrant Drowshood, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon FungusCollectableicon HeadsmanBeetle.gif Icon tooltip.pngHeadsman Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon BeetleCollectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngFlowering Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Medicinal SporeCollectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Icon tooltip.pngFlowering Hellscap, Tier 3 Natural, Rare FungusCollectableicon ExecutionerBeetle.gif Icon tooltip.pngExecutioner Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Beetle
  • Mob kills
    • Giants
    • Trolls

4 16-20 Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Icon tooltip.pngBlessed Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common Ritual ParaphernaliaCollectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Icon tooltip.pngRitual Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common AntiquityCollectableicon SilverBowl.gif Icon tooltip.pngSilver Bowl, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon Ritual ParaphernaliaCollectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Icon tooltip.pngVial of Heavy Water, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon AntiquityCollectableicon RitualAthame.gif Icon tooltip.pngRitual Athame, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Ritual ParaphernaliaCollectableicon StellarOrb.gif Icon tooltip.pngOceanic Sphere, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Antiquity Collectableicon ChippedBoneTalisman.gif Icon tooltip.pngChipped Bone Talisman, Tier 4 Cultural, Common Drow ArtifactCollectableicon IvoryScorpionicon.gif Icon tooltip.pngIvory Scorpion Icon, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Drow ArtifactCollectableicon PolishedOre.gif Icon tooltip.pngPolished Ore, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Elemental EssenceCollectableicon TearOfVulkoor.gif Icon tooltip.pngTear of Vulkoor, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Drow ArtifactCollectableicon ElementalIngot.gif Icon tooltip.pngElemental Ingot, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Elemental Essence Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Icon tooltip.pngCryptic Message, Tier 4 Lore, Common DocumentCollectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Icon tooltip.pngAcademic Treatise, Tier 4 Lore, Uncommon TextCollectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Icon tooltip.pngTome: Alchemist's Chapbook, Tier 4 Lore, Rare Text Collectableicon RuddyFungus.gif Icon tooltip.pngRuddy Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Common FungusCollectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Icon tooltip.pngSwaying Mushroom Cluster, Tier 4 Natural, Common IngredientCollectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Icon tooltip.pngBloodfeast Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon FungusCollectableicon PolishedOre.gif Icon tooltip.pngSwaying Mushroom Spore Pod, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon IngredientCollectableicon SanguineMoth.gif Icon tooltip.pngSanguine Moth, Tier 4 Natural, Rare FungusCollectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Icon tooltip.pngGlowmoss Clump, Tier 4 Natural, Rare Ingredient

5 21-25 Mortar and Pestle icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngMortar and Pestle, Tier 5 Arcane, CommonFractured Femur icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngFractured Femur, Tier 5 Arcane, UncommonPrismatic Dust icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngPrismatic Dust, Tier 5 Arcane, Rare Collectableicon SmolderingEmber.gif Icon tooltip.pngSmoldering Ember, Tier 5 Cultural, Common Elemental EssenceStone Fetish icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngStone Fetish, Tier 5 Cultural, UncommonCollectableicon PlanarTalisman.gif Icon tooltip.pngPlanar Talisman, Tier 5 Cultural, Rare Infernal Essence Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Icon tooltip.pngMystical Formula, Tier 5 Lore, Common TextWarehouse Ledger icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngWarehouse Ledger, Tier 5 Lore, UncommonEncoded Communique icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngEncoded Communique, Tier 5 Lore, Rare Slime Mold icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngSlime Mold, Tier 5 Natural, CommonZygomycota Fungus icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngZygomycota Fungus, Tier 5 Natural, CommonGlowmoss Spores icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngGlowmoss Spores, Tier 5 Natural, UncommonBlister Beetle icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngBlister Beetle, Tier 5 Natural, UncommonScarlet Cryptmoss icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngScarlet Cryptmoss, Tier 5 Natural, Rare

6 26+ Brass Censer icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngBrass Censer, Tier 6 Arcane, CommonPouch of Bone Fragments icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngPouch of Bone Fragments, Tier 6 Arcane, UncommonVial of Dragon's Blood Ink icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngVial of Dragon's Blood Ink, Tier 6 Arcane, Rare Flint Knife icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngFlint Knife, Tier 6 Cultural, CommonOrnate Charm icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngOrnate Charm, Tier 6 Cultural, UncommonToken of the Spider icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngToken of the Spider, Tier 6 Cultural, Rare Ancient Text icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngAncient Text, Tier 6 Lore, CommonArchaic Logbook icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngArchaic Logbook, Tier 6 Lore, UncommonAdventuring Oratorio icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngAdventuring Oratorio, Tier 6 Lore, Rare Crypt Moth icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngCrypt Moth, Tier 6 Natural, CommonHairy Trumpet icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngHairy Trumpet, Tier 6 Natural, UncommonShimmering Spore Pod icon.jpg Icon tooltip.pngShimmering Spore Pod, Tier 6 Natural, Rare

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