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About me[edit]

I'm female, from Australia, and I play with my husband. I update DDO Wiki as we play and it drives my husband crazy, especially during my rogue life, when I insisted that we stop at every trap so that I could update this wiki with my roll.

My DDO life

  • I play on the Thelanis server with a VIP account.
  • Main character is Jonica, who has undergone Heroic True Reincarnation a number of times. Finally achieved completionist on 09 July 2016. Past lives as follows:
    • Wizard x 2 - I thought this was the ultimate character choice, until I played some others.
    • Monk - I loved the speed of movement and attack, and the immunity to all sorts of stuff.
    • Fighter - not a good choice after the nimbleness of monk.
    • Ranger - this was enormous fun before Manyshot was nerfed.
    • Rogue - I thought this was the bee's knees before I tried artificer.
    • Favored Soul - really annoying at low levels, but improved at higher levels
    • Bard - I tried this before Single Weapon Fighting and it was painful. My husband tried it after that and it was super powerful.
    • Paladin - I was dreading this but it turned out to be lots of fun. I was invincible.
    • Artificer - frustrating at lower levels but fantastic at higher levels.
    • Druid - super powerful and just fun.
    • Cleric - somewhat irritating at lower levels, and a bit wet noodle at higher levels, despite spells like Blade Barrier. I found this the most annoying of all classes.
    • Barbarian - I was expecting this to require an umbilical cord to a cleric, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't. However, I did become a little tired of hack/slash.
    • Warlock - I loved this. The ultimate lazy class and super powerful, although I thought it was a bit underpowered at high levels (27+?).
    • Sorcerer - last class required for Completionist. I found it a bit frustrating, although epic levels were a definite improvement. Down in my bottom 3 preferred classes.
    • Completionist. Hooray!
    • Warlock - doing this again because it's so much fun.
  • My husband (Kryx) and I have our own guild (The House of Berovil) and rarely quest with anyone else, mainly due to time zone issues and the fact that I like to take my time in quests. It's rare that we don't kill everything, smash all breakables, and do all optionals. We are terrible at zerging, which is why we are not yet completionists.

My other life

DDOwikiEditor.jpg DDOwiki Editor since:

May 2, 2010.

DDOwikiAdmin.jpg DDOwiki Administrator since:

January 2, 2014.