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Behn the Prospector

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Behn the Prospector.jpg

Name: Behn the Prospector

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male


Location: Zawabi's Refuge, southeast area

Notes: Behn collects items found while completing Maraud the Mines (walk-up quest). He trades:

  • Five Ingots of Black Iron (300 gp. NOTE: Quest only requires 4 ingots to complete)
  • An Uncut Ruby (which returns a Ruby*, base value 100 pp)
  • An Uncut piece of Jacinth (which returns a Jacinth*, base value 500 pp)
  • An Uncut Fire Opal (which returns a Fire Opal*, base value 100 pp)
* The text refers to a "cut <gem>", but you receive a standard gem, same as appears in any loot chest, which can then be sold to any vendor.

Zawabi's Refuge[edit]

When you talk to him, he will tell you the following:

  • Behn: Howzat? Why, ye barely sunburned so ye must be new to the desert. Me name's Behn. I'm a miner by trade, workin' the caverns around the oasis. Slim pickings, I'm afraid, but it's too dangerous to venture into Windlasher territory. I also do a fare bit o' trade with some of the jewelry brokers back on the coast.
    • You: I brought some minerals for you to look at
      • Behn: You jumping my claim? Haha... no, no. There's plenty of treasure in that god-forsaken desert. Let's have a gander at your loot and I'll tell you if I'm interested.
        • You: Sell Behn five ingots of black iron.
          • Behn: (If you don't have the ingots) Black iron, eh? It's heavy, nasty stuff I reckon. But stronger than the iron they use back home. I'll need five ingots of the stuff. Come back when you have some more and I'll pay you in coin.
            • You: I'll return when I have it. (Walk away)
          • Behn: (If you do have five ingots) I wonder if ol' Flintchip is still working back in Stormreach? He'd take this stuff off my hands, maybe craft me a new mining pick. Hmmm. Ah, nevermind that. Here's that gold I promised.... (Receive 300 gold pieces)
            • You: Thanks, Behn.
        • You: Sell Behn an uncut ruby.
          • Behn: (If you don't have the gem) Ruby, eh? Beautiful stuff. Lots of folks won't touch it but I've steady hands and nerves of steel. Tell you what. You come back with a hunk of the raw stuff and I'll give you a cut and polished gem.
            • You: I'll return when I have it. (Walk away)
          • Behn: (If you do have a gem) Behn rummages through his pockets and pulls out a small, flawless ruby. I wouldn't go traipsing about tombs and caverns with a pack full of these beauties. Very fragile. (Receive a Ruby)
            • You: Thanks, Behn.
        • You: Sell Behn an uncut piece of jacinth.
          • Behn: (If you don't have the gem) Jacinth. Ayuh, I seen them o' them scorpion people up in the hills to the east wearin' it. Fantastic craftsmanship but I don't reckon they'd want to part with it, you savvy? You bring me a chunk of that blue rock and I'll polish it up all nice and shiny for you.
            • You: I'll return when I have it. (Walk away)
          • Behn: (If you do have a gem) Behn reaches into his vest and pulls out an egg-shaped blue stone. It's a wee smaller than what you gave me, but this should fetch a nice price with the vendors. (Receive a Jacinth)
            • You: Thanks, Behn.
        • You: Sell Behn an uncut fire opal.
          • Behn: (If you don't have the gem) Ah, yes. i'd love to get my hands on some nice opal. The ladies of Sharn wear 'em in their hair and most will pay a pretty penny for opal beads. Ye bring back some uncut stone and I'll take it off your hands. In return, I'll give ye a cut stone. What do ye say?
            • You: I'll return when I have it. (Walk away)
          • Behn: (If you do have a gem) Behn withdraws a reddish oblong gemstone from his pocket. He holds it up to the light and smiles as the colors seem to swirl and shift with inner fire. Hoo boy, will ye look at that? he says, handling the stone to you. (Receive a Fire Opal)
            • You: Thanks, Behn.
    • You: Good to meet you, Behn.
      • Behn: Ye best be careful out there! Menechtarun is a harsh and unforgiving place, chock full of danger!