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Tutorial: How to buy & sell items in your inventory

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Tutorial: How to buy & sell items in your inventory
Level rangeIcon tooltip.pngBeing outside this level range means the quest either can't be bestowed or can't be completed.: 1
XP: No xp
Journal section: Unknown
Takes place in: Korthos Village
Bestowed by: Randall
Sigmund Bauerson
Garant the Wary
Innif Ross
Waysmith Dern
Braam the Stalwart
Solac the Brawler
Mirielle the Peerless
Kaja Bauerdatter
Linus Weir
Baldar the Bold
Brother Malden
All Class Trainers in Korthos
except Artificer and Druid
Quest acquired in: Korthos Village
NPC contact: Dax Boon


You can speak to a Vendor in order to Repair, Buy, or Sell your inventory items.

Vendors are marked with a golden circular icon on your map (open with the M key on your keyboard.)

Find the vendor in Korthos Village and access his shop.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

Bestowal conditions

  • In order for this quest to be available at the quest bestowers, the following criteria must be met:
  1. You must be a Level 1 character
  2. Brother Malden must have been asked to bind your spirit
  3. Heyton's Rest must be complete
  4. You must have talked to your Class Trainer (unless you are a Druid or Artificer)
  5. The Storehouse's Secret must be complete
  6. You must NOT have viewed Dax Boon's inventory


  • Find the vendor in Korthos Village and access his shop.

Complete Journal text

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