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Town of Vallaki

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Town of Vallaki map
Town of Vallaki

After the Village of Barovia this town is the second settlement in the Land of Barovia, half way to the Village of Krezk. With its fortified walls it seems to be a safe haven, the truth couldn't be further from that.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Vistani Camp south west of the town
  • Blue Water Inn
    • Thoman Silverthumb Banker
    • Seraz, Traveling Merchant
    • Shrine of the Morninglord - Spirit Binder(Altar)
    • Mora Swilova - Hireling Vendor
    • Raam Lukresh - Heroic Treasure Vendor (Vistani Talismans)
    • Osah Lukresh - Epic Treasure Vendor (Vistani Totems)
    • Rudolph van Richten(Vampire Hunter) bestows Story Arc
    • Urwin Martikov Keepers of the Feather Patron - gives favor rewards.
    • Adrian Martikov - Old Baba's Hut - Raid Quest giver
    • Danica Martikov - Barkeep
    • Exit table for return to House Jorasco or Eveningstar

Vendors / Guides[edit]

  • Vistani guide - outside Tavern who can teleport to nearby areas

Quest NPCs[edit]