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Tizera Firewing

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Tizera Firewing.jpg

Name: Tizera Firewing

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Female

Location: [[Category:Unknown Into the Deep, Royal Temple on west side NPCs]][[Into the Deep, Royal Temple on west side]]

Description: Raveneye Shaman

Into the Deep[edit]

When you first enter the Royal Temple, she beckons you closer:

  • Tizera Firewing: Stranger! I didn't expected to find you in this place. You are no Sahuagin prisoner. Perhaps I can help you, if you help me. First tell me, why are you here?
  • You: I am here to slay the High Priestess. She's the cause of the Sahuagin attacks on the Red Fens. Can you help?
  • Tizera Firewing: Yes, if that is your goal. Know this: ahead of you lies the ritual chambers of the Sahuagin priests. They hold my people! I offer this advice...
  • Tizera Firewing: Be wary of the wild water spirits. They will only attack if approached or attacked, but are quite terrible. The Demon seems to have touched them.
  • Tizera Firewing: The priests keep the magics of this place going. Killing them will cause their creations to fade, including barriers.
  • Tizera Firewing: Now I would ask your aid, if you are willing...
  • You: What would you have of me drow?
  • Tizera Firewing: Many of my people have been dragged below the waves to serve as sacrifices for the Sahuagins' rites. I have been here observing the water fiends for some time now, and have a devised a plan to help my people escape.
  • Tizera Firewing: There is a secret exit in the first great cavern. If you free my people, tell them of this place so they may gather near it.
  • Tizera Firewing: I will wait there and provide them the means to travel to the surface....
  • You: Thank you for the information. I'll do what I can for your people.
  • Tizera Firewing: Ah, I think the guards heard us talking. Good. They'll open the gate now. You will distract them, yes? I'm off to the secret door. Behind the shrine, remember...

If you find the secret passage and talk to her before releasing all drow slaves in the area, she will say:

  • Tizera Firewing: Hail once more. Many of my people still remain prisoner. I have no further information for you stranger.
  • Tizera Firewing: I can only hope for your help and wait.
  • You: Still working on it, Tizera.

After you free all slaves, when you meet her again, she will thank you:

  • Tizera Firewing: My people owe you a great debt this day, stranger.
  • Tizera Firewing: We dare not linger any longer. May Vulkoor always guide you in vengeance!
  • You: You are quite welcome. Farewell.