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The Restless Isles/Ogre Foothold

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Ogre Foothold

To reach the Ogre Foothold, you must take the following path:

  • Go left and take the lift up
  • Cross the bridge to the next island, and take the lift down
  • Go left immediately
  • Go through the locked gate, ignore the next 2 lifts (1 on your left, 1 ahead)
  • Ignore the locked door on your right, go through the next locked door in front of you
  • Continue and take the lift up
  • You're standing in front of the Ghola-Fan's palace. Take right and cross the bridge to the next island and go down the lift.
  • Ignore the two locked doors on the sides and go to the lift up.

After you have talked with Mul-Tong, you can instead talk to any Runetusk Guide around the isles and ask them to guide you there. It also works if any player shares the quest with you.


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