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The Pit: Navigating The Pit

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A perspective view of the two main galleries and attached catwalks

A corridor leads away from the entrance of The Pit and quickly opens out into a great gallery with catwalks clinging to its inner walls. There are two of these galleries, huge holes bored straight down into the earth so close together that openings pierce the walls between them all the way down. Two separate catwalks spiral in curving ramps up and down the walls of these galleries, as well as through the openings connecting them.

At most of these openings, the catwalks (ramps) merely pass through, but in one, there is an intersection connecting both catwalks to each other. Although the catwalks spiral above and below each other all around the walls, they only actually connect at this Main Intersection.

In the NE gallery, near the downhill end of one catwalk, opens a small chamber with healing and resurrection shrines. Neither catwalk goes further downward; both galleries plummet in sheer shafts to a searing lava floor where they connect again in a chamber shaped like an 8. It is from that bottom chamber that a gate will open once the quest has completed, allowing you to battle the (optional) Avatar of Juiblex for the chance at a Muckdoom. A ladder in the NW gallery leads back up from those depths to the catwalk system.

The 9 objectives of The Pit are in separate areas, but the entrance to each area is from one of the catwalks in the Main Galleries. Crystals outside each entrance advertise the status of the objective found there.

A player with featherfalling (who is very familiar with The Pit or has a copy of and learned to read the Perspective View map), can proceed from an objective located higher on the walkways to a lower one by leaping off the catwalk and sailing down through the air to the desired location.

For specific directions to walk to or jump to a specific objective, see that objective, under Getting There.

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