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The Pit: 1st Furnace: Encounter 4

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Ahead, where this pipe ends at the next catwalk, there waits another hidden Juibless Apprentice, a troglodyte arcane caster.

You can buff in the safe spot between these two columns if you choose to run forward to melee with him.

Tip: If you balance on the pipe well, you can run forward until the troglodyte unhides to attack, then run backwards to return to the spot where the pipe passes between the two columns. You can use ranged weapons on him from here, yet this spot is beyond his casting range, and you are protected from the Elemental's fireballs. A haste or Expeditious Retreat might help you to walk backwards quickly enough to return to this protected position without taking damage.

If you decide to close with this arcane caster, he may hit you with Melf's Acid Arrow, Lightning Bolt, or Scorching Ray, so Acid, Electricity, and Fire resists will improve survivability. In addition, he may cast a Ray of Enfeeblement, reducing your strength, which will slow you, decrease your attack and damage, and reduce your jumping capability.

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