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Setting up your Personal Pages[edit]

  • Start with your user page
    • Make this your first line: {{UserTabs|1|<Name>}}
      • Replace <Name> with your username.
  • Next your talk page
    • Make this your first line: {{UserTabs|8|<Name>}}
      • Replace <Name> with your username.
  • You can now use the red links on the tabs on your user/talk page to create the other pages
    • Make the first line of each page: {{UserTabs|<#>|<Name>}}
      • Replace <Name> with your username and <#> with the tab number.

  • If you want further customization, please get in touch with Ague (ContributionsMessage)
  • SPECIAL NOTE: Don't forget to add the code (with the correct page number) to each and every page you want the tabs to show up on.


|Tab Number = The tab number going from the 'General' Tab being 1 and incrementing by one as you go left to right.
|Member Name = Pretty self explanatory I would hope...


  • All the tabs in the example link to Ague's stuff...

Customization Example[edit]

  • NOTE: You must list all your tabs in the template in order for the custom tabs to work. Failure to list the tabs names with a pipe "|" as noted below will result in the default tabs being used. You have a maximum of 5 tabs to customize. I'm working on a method to expand and/or enlarge that if needed on request.
    • {{UserTabs|1|Ague|General|SandBox|Test Tab|Monkey|Elephant|Potato}}