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Tavern Customer

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Tavern Customer.jpg

Name: Tavern Customer

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male or Female

Affiliation(s): Tethyamar Mining Outpost

Location: Tethyamar Mining Outpost, in the tavern

Description: Dwarven customers at the tavern within Tethyamar Mining Outpost.

Tethyamar Mining Outpost[edit]

Female Tavern Customer:

  • Tavern Customer: Where is Stoutheart from, you ask? Well, Was[sic] it the Thunder Peaks? Or the Storm Horns? Hrmm ....
  • Tavern Customer: I've had rotten luck so far. Yeah, I've found boatloads of mithral. But so what? That's nothing compared to the Jewels of Ardor!
  • Tavern Customer: After we mine the Jewels of Ardor, we'll restore Tethyamar to its former glory!
  • Tavern Customer: When I get my hands on those Jewels, I'm going to buy all the ale I can drink. That's the dream!
  • Tavern Customer: Whoever finds the Jewels of Ardor will control the Underdark. It'll be us, or the Drow.
  • Tavern Customer: Who'd have thought something like the Jewels of Ardor would be left behind in this old mine? It's a miracle!
  • Tavern Customer: We couldn't have gotten Tethyamar back under Dwarven control without Stoutheart.
  • Tavern Customer: The Drow better stay in Sschindylryn. We'll show 'em what happens when you mess with the Dwarves!
  • Tavern Customer: It was a long journey from the Far Hills - but finding the Jewels of Ardor will make up for all my struggles.
  • Tavern Customer: They say just one Jewel of Ardor could feed a Dwarf clan for a year! Just imagine what we could do with all of them ....

Male Tavern Customer:

  • Tavern Customer: The last time Dwarves had control of this mine must have been, hmmm, way back in the Year of the Dark Dawn.
  • Tavern Customer: There are Dwarves here from every corner of the Realms. But we're all Tethyamarians now.
  • Tavern Customer: Just you watch. Everything will change with Stoutheart in command and the Jewels of Ardor fattening up our purses!
  • Tavern Customer: Dwarves have come from all over to mine the Jewels of Ardor. All because of Stoutheart.
  • Tavern Customer: I've finally done it. I've found the Jewels of Ardor! But of course I'll never tell you where they are. They're mine. Mine!
  • Tavern Customer: Why the long face, adventurer? We're all going to be rich! Haha!
  • Tavern Customer: We've found a few of the Jewels of Ardor so far. But I just know there's more here. A mother lode!
  • Tavern Customer: So the Drow want to play treasure hunters, eh? As if they could beat the Dwarves at our own game!
  • Tavern Customer: The Jewels are our birthright. We'll never let the Drow take what's rightfully ours!
  • Tavern Customer: With Stoutheart on our side, Tethyamar will stay in Dwarf hands forever!