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Talk:Xorian Render

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We should have caught on this sooner, their DR is Byeshk, Fya is right. I noticed it 2-3 days ago, in the Sub-T, when I looked at my combat log when killing one of the red named Renders on the way to HoX. by Mjoll 05:05, October 18, 2011 (EDT)

The major issue here is as I listed in my edit summary: These renders are not neccesarily the ones found in the subterrane. These are the ones from the Harbinger of Madness adventure pack. So by testing one monster and putting the data in on another, your not exactly helping. Please test the renders in the actaul pack this entry is refering too. I did months ago when the pack came out, and they were standard good + cold iron, but its possible thats changed now.. So ill verify it too.

PS: The hound renders are called Drone of Xy'zzy

Not sure on the naming of the subterrane ones. Guess they could use the same name, but they are definetely not the same monsters given they have like 10x the hitpoints, damage output and other stats.

Also red named often have non standard DR.. So what you saw on a red named isn't the best proof of a change on a massive scale.

Shade 06:24, October 18, 2011 (EDT)

I tested it, I picked 3 quests from the Madness packs (Missing, In the Flesh and Lord of Eyes) and the renders in there have DR/Byeshk.

Nobody other than you said anything about the HoX renders, I mentioned one from Sub-T but not from HoX. I'll do more tests on the trash renders from Sub-T to see if this DR applies or not to them. And yes red named mobs sometimes have wacky DR but the DR of the Fire Fiend of Madness is in line with the DR of the common Xorian Render. by Mjoll 07:08, October 18, 2011 (EDT)

Are the subterrane ones called "Xorian Render" tho? and yea i verified they have byshek in the madness quests. 7 on normal, too little for anyone to care, really low DRs on everything in this pack.. Only thing with a reasonable amount I recall is that rare named sculpted tharaak hound in in the flesh, had ~20ish. RE: HoX: Someone on the official forums mentioned it. Im betting those were changed in U11 as well, as I know for a fact they were cold iron before.. But needs to be verified. → Shade 07:23, October 18, 2011 (EDT) After a visit to Sub-T... For each basic demon type (Flesh Render, Fire Reaver, Ice Flenser) there is one Xorian equivalent: Xorian Render, Xorian Frost Fiend and Xorian Fire Fiend. They all have DR 10/Byeshk for all of them but other than that they have the same resistances/immunities/weaknesses like the basic demon types. And the named Xorian Fire Fiend (Fire Fiend of Madness) has DR 15/Byeshk. by Mjoll 07:46, October 18, 2011 (EDT)