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Fellow Volunteer Editors, I did quite a bit of testing regarding vulnerable and think maybe adding a table with the fastest average time, from a single source, to get a target fully vulnerable would be good to add.

I have two concerns.

One: I typically link to other sources but in this case, I am the source (link below). May not be an issue but felt I should bring that up.

Two: Not sure how to put a table in without messing up the format of the page. The entry would contain information like:

In testing the fastest methods to get a target fully vulnerable from a single character are follows:

- 19 seconds average (fastest 17 seconds) for a melee WarPriest using Smite Weakness while TWF with two Frostbite Blades; If a WarPriest keeps using 1 or more Frostbite blades the target can be kept maxed at 20 stacks indefinitely. If, after getting 20 stacks, a WarPriest switches to other weapons the WarPriest can indefinately maintain an average of approximately 18 stacks as between Smites the stacks will wear down from 20 to 16 and then get maxed again on the next smite.

- 22 seconds average for ranged Sorcerer's Air Savant's Core 4's Conduction while initially speed casting actual spells and then switching to SLAs to maintain. This can be done at range but may be limited by the Sorcerer's mana pool and not indefinte unless the Sorcerer has ways of continually generating sufficent mana (torc/con-opp/Halcyon Boots/etc).

- 45 seconds average for non-WarPriest melee TWF with two Frostbite Blades;

- TBD : Arcane Archer with Ten Thousand Stars (AKA Monkcher). This combo should be able to get a target fully vulnerable quickly and maybe keep it there but this hasn't been proven in documented testing yet.

- > 60 seconds for a WarPriest not using a FrostBite Blade. It is possible to reach 20 stacks as a WarPriest as you gain 4-7 stacks (average 5.5) and lose 5 every 15 seconds but it takes too long (stopped after more than a minute trying). At an average gain of .5 stacks every 15 seconds it could be ~ 10 minutes to get to 20 stacks but once you get there you could keep ~18 stack active on average. The 10 minutes was estimated at 20stack/.5stack*15secs/60secs=~10mins).

- NA : Arcane Archer without Ten Thousand Stars. In Testing an AA without a follow-up 10K stars burst could not read a full 20 stacks let alone sustain them.

- NA : Arcanotechnician Artificer using Shocking Vulnerability only has 5% per cast of getting a stack so can't build stack up high at all by itself.

Note that the fastest combo may other combinations not listed nor test above. For example an Air Savant with access to WarPriest Tier II wielding Frostbite blade(s) could start at melee and get the the fastest speed to 20. An Air Savant with a 2 Artificer splash would get a slight boost over a pure Air Savant but on average the 5% extra proc likely would not push it over the top.

Note that the stacks of Vulnerable stack from multiple sources and max at 20 on a single target regardless of the source. In a Party or Raid with multiple characters working together you could still get to 20 with addition of the other sources that can't get there on their own (example: 2 AAs working together alternating Many Shot, etc).

Link to my forum post where I list out my testing results and methods:


I think it would be enough to add the link to the forum post/discussion. Perhaps add one paragraph about your conclusions and offer link for more. Also, a few words about some of the vulnerability sources could be nice, e.g.
  • arcanotech - much slower generation than the rest
  • warpriest - only one stack even if using 2 weapons / doublestrike
I don't have first hand experience so I am not sure if the above is correct.
--Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 01:03, March 1, 2014 (EST)