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Talk:Spell component

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i think that 0ne-liner articles is such a waste. so i consolidated the components page, leaving Materials where its currently at, cuz Verbal & Somatic doesnt really have compelling content. consolidating them into 1 article makes the wiki feel fuller. - Sef326 01:07, November 18, 2009 (EST)

old posts[edit]

On some spells, such as Eagle's Splendor, I see M/DF as one of the required component types. I know regular M is short for Material component. What's the DF mean? Dedridd 13:42, February 8, 2006 (PST)

It is a left over from importing from PnP DnD. It stands for Divine focus essentially the clerics holy symbol. I think that DDO got rid of a bunch of material components that PnP used, but I do know that components are in the game as I played a cleric in stresstest and had a spell that took components. I need someone to head through the list and edit out the M and DF if it isnt necessary. (Do clerics even have a separat holy symbol in DDO? -- koolkat 14:47, February 8, 2006 (PST)