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Talk:Shimmering Arrowhead and Gilvaenor's Necklace

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Does the +2 attack bonus on both these items stack? I assume not because they are the same. But since they are kindof epic items I dont know for sure. lol.

I'm also assuming that the +4 attack bonus on the Spectral Gloves supersecedes both of the above.

Haleeia 18:12, December 7, 2010 (EST)

Spectral Gloves are a +2 Bonus, and do not stack with these two items. These two items do not stack with one another. Epic Spectral Gloves are a +4 Bonus, and also do not stack. These also do not stack with the Epic Vulkoorim FIghting Leathers. (Another +4 Bonus to-hit). These are all Competence bonuses, which do not stack. Note that Bardic Song is also a Competence bonus for to-hit, and will not stack

I'm noticing you're popping a lot of these help talk pages up. I'm not quite sure, but wouldn't the official forums be the better places to ask these questions? I've always assumed the HelpDesk is more with help on how to use and edit the Wiki.

Landar 19:33, December 7, 2010 (EST)

Actually, the bardic Inspire Courage is a Morale boost, so that would stack... it's just Inspire Greatness that's a Competence bonus.

LrdSlvrhnd 14:31, December 8, 2010 (EST)

Thank You for the help Landar. I thought that these competence bonues did not stack.

I have tried for hours upon hours trying to find answers to my questions at the forums. Everytime I do a thorough search I get over thousands of threads and posts. It takes hours to decipher through those threads and posts to find the answer to your questions.

The questions I have posted here are questions that I cannot find in the forums and some are questions that kept getting asked in-game but no-one knows the correct answers. Some of these questions have never been asked before. Like that 20% thing on the negative energy absorption. I have not found nothing in the forums on that question. And that question came from here, ddowiki, please take a look at it on the "Incredible Potential" page here at ddowiki. Where is the Item question thread here at ddowiki? So forgive me for asking here. Hopefully we can get these questions answered and then an Admin, Moderator, or Programmer can delete them. lol.

Haleeia 21:26, December 7, 2010 (EST)

every question about the game, including item questions goes to Forum:Reference desk. dont worry about Help desk/Reference desk thing too much tough. to fix the forum category, we only have to swap {{Forumheader|Reference desk}} and {{Forumheader|Help desk}} on top of the wikitxt.

yoko5000 00:24, December 8, 2010 (EST)