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Sneak attack[edit]

Open question: is Sneak Attack damage halved by this feat? If yes, then Precision is mostly a net reduction in damage-per-second. But if not, then Precision will be very powerful, and a good idea for level 1 rogues to take at creation. The assumption was that since the 2x multiplier from a critical hit doesn't apply to elemental, bane, or sneak, that the 1/2 Precision multipler wouldn't apply either. But that might be wrong.

Yes, Sneak Attack damage is halved. There was a dev post on the Rogue forums yesterday confirming that this is intended. Sonil 12:06, May 19, 2006 (EDT)

Base Damage Increase[edit]

Even if you go from a 20 needed to a 16+ needed to hit, you're only increasing base damage by 2.5 times. You hit 5 times as often, but do half damage on each hit. The damage increase obviously changes when taking elemental/bane/etc damage into consideration. Sonil 12:06, May 19, 2006 (EDT)

Ooops, true -- Tihocan 15:21, May 19, 2006 (EDT)

Power Attack[edit]

Q. Can you have Precision and Power Attack active at the same time? --annon user

nope i dont think so. its like PA and Combat Expertise cannot be activated at the same time. see stance also. --yoko5000 (ContributionsMessage) 04:47, February 13, 2013 (EST)