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Talk:Open Lock

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Only a few points needed?!?[edit]

Some players say that putting only a few points into open lock is all a character needs with +5 tools and a level-appropriate open lock item. Looking at DDO_information_project/Traps_and_locks, this doesn't appear correct at all.

Well, it's kinda true... If you only have 4 points in it (i.e. put points in it only in your starting Rogue level), have 16 or so dexterity, +5 tools, +15 Escaping item (just equip it when you are opening locks), then you can open locks up to DC 49. Add any temporal skill bonuses like shrine, heroism or higher dexterity (shrine, tomes) and you can get yourself through epic locks... The important part is that you can take 20 on Open Lock, unlike Disabling, where you can blow the Control Box. --Gorocz (ContributionsMessage) 11:27, April 29, 2013 (EDT)
The hardest lock to pick in the game that I am aware of is E-VON1 extra chest room (the one that you can get a key for at the end) with a DC of 90. Let's beat it down... 90 - a roll of 20 = 70. 70 - 15-20 for OL items found in Open Lock +20 items, Open Lock +17 items, or Open Lock +15 items/random item = 50-55. 50-55 - +5 tools (+7 OL bonus) = 43-48. 43-48 - DEX 16 (+3 OL)= 40-45. 40-45 - 2 DEX tome and ship buff (+2 Ol) = 38-43. 38-43 - Greater Heroism (+4 bonus) = 34-39. 34-39 - rogue skill boost 3 (+5 ol) = 29-34. 29-34 - +6 to +10 DEX items (+3 - +5 OL) = 24-31. You could then beat it down some more if you had a +4 DEX tome, Yugo pots, ED stat song, bard skills songs... You "could" theoretically pick "any" lock in the game with a 20 Open lock and some twink gear and good supporting party members. ShoeMaker (Contributions Message) 14:03, April 29, 2013 (EDT)