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Talk:Kobold Island: Short Cuts

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Optimum build path[edit]

  • Since you have a time limit of 600 seconds (10 minutes), there is only 31 seconds of leeway to erect the first 4 small extractors and for delays on other upgrades/builds.
  • With 10 builds/upgrades to be done you get a maximum of two seconds of leeway. (It is impossible to get all four small running in the first second.) Therefore, you need to have the text box menu open and be ready to click when the shards come in, so if your job starts at a small extractor do not go for an alter/kobold or you will lose the 6 stars.
Action Cost: Shards Cost: Parts Total Parts Time Taken* Total Time* New Rate of Income Notes
start Small 0 1 1 0 0 0.25
start Small 0 1 2 0 0 0.50
start Small 0 1 3 0 0 0.75
start Small 0 1 4 0 0 1.00
UG Small 75 3 7 75 75 1.50 Advice: Use this to repair the most damaged.
start Large 300 3 10 200 275 4.00 Small 2 builds this at Large 1.
start Large 300 3 13 75 350 6.50
start Large 300 3 16 47 397 9.00 All players are at an extractor now, so no more jumps till end.
UG1 Large 400 5 21 45 442 11.50
UG Small 75 3 24 7 449 12.00 Advice: Use this to repair the most damaged.
Hold 2 mins 0 0 24 120 569 12.00

*Time is in seconds, and all fractions of a second have been rounded up.


  • Small 1 - build small extractor one (cover for Small 2 when that position is left)
  • Small 2 - build small extractor two (change job to Large 1 , the FIRST Large built)
  • Small 3 - build small extractor three
  • Small 4 - build small extractor four
  • Idol S/W - get the 2 idols south / southwest , jump portals + then be ready to start Large 2 (second large built)
  • Idol N - get the four idols in the north , jump portals + then start Large 3 (3rd and final Large built)
  • END - when the 2 min timer is low enough for your extractor to definitely survive and if you have a portal next to you start jumping

Note: If a mob of zombies (drowned) spawn on an extractor, then kite them (don't kill); it's far easier.

— previous unsignedIcon tooltip.pngPlease sign posts using ~~~~ comment by Foodood ( c |d| r| b) at 11:48, May 2, 2014 (UTC)

  • Unless I miscalculated 21 seconds can be gained by upgrading a second small before starting the first large. Not sure though this is still the best strategy if the shards gained from killing archon are factored in. I have no data on when the archon usually appears. ~~Zzelly
  • Altho 21 seconds would be a nice gain (it is too long ago that i did every possible calculation for this to remember every build pathing.) as i recall that scenario there was indeed a very minor gain in time. my reasoning is you would then have the problem of needing 27/30 available mechanical parts . leaving you no rebuild option should an extractor be destroyed . you would also be forced to take all 6 idols with the extra running around time involved , which directly eats into starting the first large extractor. The archon lantern appears at random time in a similar way to the entropic giant, but again time for shards which you only need to pool 300 of for 6 stars. so unless , 1. the archon is right next to you 2. you are able to down it in a couple of hits 3. you are in need of shards to speed up production (ie waiting to start the first/second large) , then ignore the lantern.— previous unsignedIcon tooltip.pngPlease sign posts using ~~~~ comment by Foodood ( c |d| r| b) at 04:16, February 22, 2015 (UTC)