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Talk:Improved Trip

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Discussion of mechanics[edit]

A basic attack roll is made against the target. Like any melee special attack, you must stop moving, and the attack uses up the remainder of your current round (i.e. no extra attack)..

Took level 4 Rogue/1 Fighter. Makes attack. Sometimes hits, sometimes does not. When it hits, it does damage. The backswing does not occur. As with all melee special attacks.KakarisMaelstrom 23:49, May 12, 2006 (EDT)
There is no such thing as "the backswing". There is the "rest of the attack chain", which might be "backswings", but more likely could be other kinds of moves. Note that the most damage-efficient way to trip is to make all but one of your attack chain as normal (such as 2 swings if you have BAB 5), and then use Trip for the final attack.
So you can trip with any of your attacks in your combo chain, but once you trip, your combo chain is "broken", right? Could someone try it with 1st, 2nd and 3rd attack, and also see if you get your +5 to-hit if you do it on the third attack? Tihocan 10:29, May 15, 2006 (EDT)
Any attack.. Uses the same +.. Uses a stupid new animation that sucks. Has no offhand/glancing blows if twf/thf.. But yea otherwise does not reset attack chain. Necro reply 5 years later ftw!! And yea main article updated and no longer disputed. Maybe we need it in category:things that need to be un-nerfed.. =) --Shade 16:08, September 7, 2011 (EDT)

When it hits, it will do normal damage.

Clearly so, but test if you like. I imagine the same damage is going to be applied towards any melee special attacks.KakarisMaelstrom 23:49, May 12, 2006 (EDT)
In PnP you can only trip unarmed. So I wonder if you get the whole damage from your weapon, and if it works with all weapons. Tihocan 10:29, May 15, 2006 (EDT)

The target then takes a strength check with an unknown DC. Should that check fail, the target is tripped.

This is unverified, however, when you trip it does not always work. Some sort of check or save is being made but I have no idea what. KakarisMaelstrom 23:49, May 12, 2006 (EDT)
In doubt I think we should assume the PnP rules apply. Tihocan 10:29, May 15, 2006 (EDT)

It will remain tripped for approximately 24 seconds, or 4 combat rounds, during which time, it loses its dexterity bonus to Armor Class and may not attack. Attacks/spells already started will complete, however.

This is simply not right. 4 Combat rounds in DDO is nowhere near 24 seconds. More like 6 seconds. I haven't timed it, but 4 combat rounds does seem about right. I originally had it written in as 6 seconds, someone unknown has modified to say 24 seconds which I think is way off. KakarisMaelstrom 23:49, May 12, 2006 (EDT)
It should not be measured in combat rounds, that don't make much sense in DDO, but rather in seconds. Report any experiment if you can time it. Tihocan 10:29, May 15, 2006 (EDT)

Some creatures are immune to the effect. For instance, creatures with more than four legs (such as spiders) are unaffected.

Clearly so. They pop up with "Immune" or whatever it is they say. KakarisMaelstrom 23:49, May 12, 2006 (EDT)
Ok, however, are all creatures with more than four legs (actually, four or more I guess) unaffected? Tihocan 10:29, May 15, 2006 (EDT)