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Talk:Iconic Heroes

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Lesser Reincarnating out of your starting class[edit]

Since apparently this needs discussion to be removed... the article currently reads "Iconic characters can remove their first given class with a +1 or better Lesser Heart of Wood. This MUST be done at character creation, by selecting a non-Iconic race. You will retain the appearance of an Iconic Hero, however you will no longer physically be one."

First off, every single part of that other than the first sentence is wrong. You cannot select a non-iconic race with a lesser reincarnation-- in fact, you can't change your race at all. All you have to do is change your class as normal. The last part is even more nonsense-- what does "you will no longer physically be one" even mean? That you'll look like the iconic but not have its racial traits? First of all, as noted, that's not true, because you can't stop being an iconic via lesser reincarnation, but even if you could, changing your race (via a true reincarnation) still makes you look like the new race, not the old one.

There really doesn't need to be any more detail other than "you can change the first level with a +1 lesser heart", because that's just clarifying that normal LR works on iconics to remove their default class. And we can throw in a link to the lesser reincarnation page in case people are unfamiliar with the details of how an LR works-- there's no reason to rehash all of that here when none of it is any different. Muspel (ContribsMessage) 21:12, January 27, 2018 (EST)

  • ...You will still physically be an Iconic, not just having the appearance of one. What does that even mean? LrdSlvrhnd (ContribsMessage) 12:51, January 27, 2018 (EST)
    • That User: shouldn't edit while drunk? Or, more seriously, that the Wiki premise of Collective Editing was a wise choice. Either way, it's gone now. C-Hound (ContribsMessage) 19:48, February 22, 2018 (EST)