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Talk:Flame Arrow

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Casting on others[edit]

Can you cast this on someone else? Big Gino 15:50, February 11, 2006 (PST)

I am guessing no otherwise it would be horribly broken and everyone with a longbow would be asking for flame arrows before they head out on quests in an inn. If you can they will soon fix it. -- koolkat 16:33, February 11, 2006 (PST)
Ok, just a little confusing on why anything about rangers is even on the spell page then. Big Gino 16:35, February 11, 2006 (PST)
One, a wizard can take 1 or 2 levels of ranger if he likes. Two, it used to be you could give the arrows to other people, and they'd just disappear when the time ran out. Don't know if you can still pass them around, but it would make sense. Also would make sense for the arrows to disappear when you enter a dungeon, just like any other long-term buff does.
The caster can give the arrows (or other ammo) to a party member. I did it in our static group. It's not really overpowered because 1) There is more powerful and varied ammo available elsewhere, 2) Thrown weapons that Return are common (essentially, never running out), and 3) The classes most likely to focus on ranged weapons, rangers and artificers, can usually create their own ammo. ShawnVW (ContribsMessage) 00:07, November 10, 2020 (EST)

Number of arrows[edit]

Does it need only 1 arrow, or 10 arrows? -- Tihocan 11:28, March 1, 2006 (EST)

you spend 1 normal or masterwork arrow to create 50 flame arrows -- 06:09, January 4, 2012

---1 projectile is used per 50 created.

Habreno (ContributionsMessage) 20:38, May 15, 2012 (EDT)