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Shock news just in! Cordovan confirms a bug

PnP link[edit]

I think we should remove the "Epic Destinies on D&D 3.5" from the links, since they are not official WotC content. --Nibelung (ContributionsMessage) 10:25, May 5, 2012 (EDT)

i just made it clearer that its not official. --yoko5000 (ContributionsMessage) 10:56, May 5, 2012 (EDT)
Actually, it's official content authored by WotC staff; it used to posted on WotC site; however, they purged some 3.5 content at one point, including this article. --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 09:10, May 6, 2012 (EDT)
Link to web archive org: --Cru121 (ContributionsMessage) 09:13, May 6, 2012 (EDT)


doing a major cleanup - merging later section (forum guide copy) into the first half, adding bunch of new sections and removing duplicate info, but it still will require copy-edit/verification etc. especially i am not super familiar with Twist of Fate thing yet. --yoko5000 (ContributionsMessage) 00:59, September 3, 2012 (EDT)

==What are destinies?==
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Destinies are the main character development feature past level 20.
Destinies are independent of the characters level.

Destinies are organized in 4 different spheres: arcane, divine, martial and primal. The role of these spheres is discussed more below.

===Choosing a destiny===
All level 20+ characters can pick a destiny.
Destinies need to be purchased (all the current ones are included with the expansion)

The first time a character chooses a destiny, he can pick any destiny from the sphere matching his character class:

*    Artificers, Bards, Sorcerers and Wizards can pick any destiny from the arcane sphere (Magister, Draconic incarnation or Fatesinger)
*    Clerics, FvS and Paladins can pick any destiny from the divine sphere (Exalted angel or Undying sentinel)
*    Fighters, Rogues and Monks can pick any destiny from the martial sphere (Legendary dreadnought, Grandmaster of Flower or Shadowdancer)
*    Barbarians, Druids and Rangers can pick any destiny from the primal sphere (Fury of the wild or Shiradi champion)

This choice happens only once for a character. To change destiny afterward, you'll need to unlock other destinies (see later).

If you are multiclassed, you can pick a starting destiny in a sphere for which you have a character class of at least level 6. For example a Rog6/Wiz6/FvS8 could unlock any destiny from the arcane, divine or martial sphere.

===Leveling a destiny===
Destinies level up like the character level: you gain experience for completing quests and from adventure areas.
Destinies are supposed to be faster to level up than epic level (currently on the beta it takes 40k xp to gain ranks for level 1 destiny ; and 100k xp to gain rank for a character level 20).

Each destiny has 5 levels. Each level is composed of 5 ranks (just like character level).
At each rank, you gain 1 AP that you can spend on the destiny tree, up to a maximum of 24 AP.

Each tree contains enhancements costing from 1 or 2 AP. Just like heroic enhancements, some enhancements have only 1 rank ; some up to 5 ranks.
Enhancements inside the tree are divided in tiers, each tier requires a total amount of AP spent into the tree, by increments of 4: Tier 1 requires 0AP spent, Tier 2 4AP, Tier 3 8AP... up until Tier 6 that require 20AP.

Additionally each tree has "autogrants": abilities that are granted for free when the corresponding level has been unlocked inside the tree; a new level is gained by acquiring enough EXP to gain 4 AP and then filling up one more "rank" to actually unlock the next level, much like how Heroic levels are gained.
Autogrant unlocking matches the prerequisites of the tiers: each time you gain a new level in the current Destiny's tree, you gain a new autogrant (the last one, the capstone, is unlocked when reach Level 5).
Additionally you gain a first autogrant as soon as you select the destiny: the first one unlocks with 0 points spent in the tree.

===Unlocking destinies===
As explained earlier, each character has a one time initial choice of destiny. After this choice, changing destinies requires you to unlock new destinies or buy the Key of Destiny from the [[DDO Store]] for 995 turbine points. The key allows you to unlock an adjacent destiny to one you currently have unlocked. 
Destinies all have a place on the destiny map. Each destiny has at least one adjacent destiny from the same sphere.
Some destinies are also adjacent to a destiny in another sphere.

To unlock a destiny with leveling you'll need to level up an adjacent destiny to a sufficient level. This "sufficient level" depends on if the adjacent destiny is in the same sphere or not:

*    Unlocking an adjacent destiny in the same sphere requires you to level your destiny up to level 3
*    Unlocking an adjacent destiny in another sphere requires you to level your destiny up to level 4

So for example if you currently only have the Exalted Angel destiny and want to unlock Legendary Dreadnought you'll need:

*    To level up exalted angel to 3 to unlock Unyielding sentinel (they are in the same sphere)
*    To level up Unyielding sentinel to 4 to unlock Grandmaster of flowers (they are in different spheres)
*    To level up Grandmaster of flowers to 3 to unlock legendary dreadnought

Once a destiny is unlocked, you can switch destiny at the [[Fatespinner]].

===Destinies and reincarnation===
Destiny progress is not affected by reincarnation (of any kind).
That means if you are currently a FvS 25 with 5 levels of Exalted Angel, and you TR into a fighter, you'll still be a level 5 exalted angel.
However you'll be locked out from using destiny abilities (active and passive) until you level back to 20.

You'll keep all you have acquired from destinies when you TR: destiny level, unlocked destinies, twist of fates.

This means if you TR and want to use a destiny that match your new class, you'll need to unlock this new destiny by moving through the map.

===Twist of fates===
Twists of fate are special slots that can be used to equip destiny enhancements from other trees than the currently active tree.
For example if you are an Exalted angel, you could equip enhancement from fatesinger (or any other unlocked destiny) in the slots.

Each character can have up to 3 twist of fate slots. Characters start with zero slot and can unlock them (explained below).
Each twist of fate slot also have a "level". This level indicates the maximum tier of destiny enhancement that can be placed in it. At slot level 1, you can only put tier 1 enhancement into the slot.

If the enhancement you put into a twist of fate has many level, the level of the enhancement will be the level when you equip it into the twist of fate. Therefore it is advised to always level up an enhancement to the maximum possible before puting it into a twist of fate slot. Note that enhancement level has nothing to do with tier ; and putting a tier 1 level 5 enhancement into a twist of fate doesn't require you to upgrade the slot.

*    Just unlocked: tier 1
*    Upgrade 1: tier 1 or 2
*    Upgrade 2: tier 1, 2 or 3
*    Upgrade 3: tier 1, 2, 3 or 4

Every time 3 destiny levels are gained, a new Fate point is acquired by the character. Destiny levels are counted globally for all destiny. This means level 1 in a destiny and level 5 in another is 6 levels, or 2 fate points.
Fate points can be used to unlock or upgrade twist of fate slots. Here are the current known prices (subject to change).

*    First Twist: 1 Fate Point
**        Upgrade 1: 2 Fate Points
**       Upgrade 2: 3 Fate Points
**        Upgrade 3: 4 Fate Points
*    Second Twist: 2 Fate Point
**        Upgrade 1: 3 Fate Points
**        Upgrade 2: 4 Fate Points
**        Upgrade 3: 5 Fate Points
*    Third Twist: 3 Fate Point
**        Upgrade 1: 4 Fate Points
**        Upgrade 2: 5 Fate Points
**        Upgrade 3: 6 Fate Points

There are currently 10 destinies, each one with 5 levels, therefore you can gain up to 16 fate points.
With the current prices, unlocking and upgrading everything would cost 42 fate points. Therefore you have to make a choice: more slots, or higher level slots?

If you put an enhancement from your currently active destiny in a twist of fate it will have no effect. Stat boosts (the far-right column) are currently an exception to this rule, thought this may be a glitch. Note that you may need to relog, or just wait a minute or two, from Twisted-in abilities/stats to properly update.

* Twist of fates don't require prerequisites: you can put an enhancement with a prerequisite inside the slot without having the prerequisite.
* If you put an enhancement boosting another enhancement (such as fey spring boosting healing spring) but not the "boosted" enhancement, it will have no effect.
* You cannot put autogrants into the twist of fate slot.
* You can easily swap twist of fates in any public area.
* There will be a way to reset spent Fate Points, so you can change how you've upgraded your Twists.
* Each twist you select can be picked from different destinies tree. So you could pick one from Legendary dreadnought, one from Fatesinger and one from magister.

It looks need to add on the menu.[edit]

Epic Destiny system is a core system of the game. It would be good if added the main menu, which is seen top of every page. -- 15:02, October 23, 2012 (EDT)

Cleric Epic Destiny?[edit]

This page suggests there is no cleric-based epic destiny, and that Exalted Angel is favored soul-based. If they share it, perhaps state this? If not, state why there is no cleric epic destiny at the moment.

What about warlock and artificer?[edit]

Currently, Epic_destinies#Epic_Destinies does not feature warlock not artificer. Is it out of date or are they simply assumed to fit in the arcane sphere? (I'm a bit clueless about how destinies work, still.) --Borror0 (ContribsMessage) 13:50, February 21, 2017 (EST)