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Since this page is generating us quite a few hits, I am watching it and cleaned it up a good bit (-: -- [:: ℑilver§ℑide ::] 12:49, January 26, 2006 (PST)

Cool :) By the way shouldn't it be renamed to Enhancements? -- Tihocan 12:59, January 26, 2006 (PST)
Yes, probably so lol - done -- [:: ℑilver§ℑide ::] 13:01, January 26, 2006 (PST)
Hehe, thank you :] Would have done it myself some day, just didn't have time atm -- Tihocan 13:20, January 26, 2006 (PST)
Well it is only two clicks - 'move' then 'submit' -- [:: ℑilver§ℑide ::] 13:22, January 26, 2006 (PST)
Right. Somehow I still hadn't spotted the 'move' link. Which explains some weird edits from myself in the past. -- Tihocan 14:21, January 26, 2006 (PST)
You... copy pasted! OMFG bad bad bad! That dosent move the history with the page, so the history is broken into before / after - bad bad bad!
/me is a bad boy -- Tihocan 17:43, January 26, 2006 (PST)

All of the Enhancement information seems to be the older style... is there a preferred template for the newer ones? Crwth 15:20, June 21, 2007 (EDT)

A lot of the more important pages around the wiki (ones that generate a lot of traffic) are really dirty and hard to navigate... I (or somebody, anybody I guess) need to really clean them up, update them, whatnot... I'm just so busy. I can patrol edits to the wiki at the current very low rate of traffic, but that's about all I ever seem to have time for... If you have any suggestions/ideas/specifics, feel free to post here or hell, just make them - if I or somebody else disagrees with your edits, it's the work of a moment to revert the change then start a discussion. Edit first, ask questions later d-: And usually, any sort of hugely major edit / page update is welcome no matter what, even if there are some problems with the specifics of it ^^/ Mr. Cable 16:26, June 21, 2007 (EDT)

To dos[edit]

Since this is such a high-profile page, lets make it look good *and* redirect traffic to the rest of the wiki. Put to-dos for the enhancement pages here.

  • Class/race TOCs on each
  • See also section
  • Wikify all
  • Stub all
  • Change stub temps to include 'incomplete for readers' notice

Enhancement Levels[edit]

I think that enhancement pages should be contained to a single page (ie. Fighter's Armor Mastery I, Fighter's Armor Mastery II, Fighter's Armor Mastery III, etc should all be contained on Fighter's Armor Mastery, wich can contain a breakdown of each of the levels. - Anonymous 22:47, October 23, 2006 (EDT)

Edit, actually apparently these subjects don't have pages anyways, I must have been confused. - Anonymous 22:49, October 23, 2006 (EDT)
Well, if they had they should indeed redirect to a single page. But there's no real need for a page, so I think if we want to create a link we should just link to the corresponding class/race enhancement page. Tihocan 23:08, October 23, 2006 (EDT)


I wanted to make sure we didn't reach a TRR impasse, so I thought I'd ask what you guys thought about the design of this page, since it's quite high profile (with all of 40,000 views, that's the third most popular on the wiki). I lightened up the color, does that seem good? Maybe a shade of grey would be better - also thinking about reducing the margins and possibly removing the dot points, let me know what you think. Possibly move to an image-based menu, like we did for the classes and races? elliottcable (talk, site) 22:54, July 10, 2007 (EDT)

I like the image based menu idea. Something like:

General information

Race enhancements with "cute" pictures
Class enhancements with "cuter" pictures


Sounds good?As for the other enhancement (the list for each class and race), everyone is find with me using the model I came up on the dwarf page?→ Borror0 23:17, July 10, 2007 (EDT)

As for the image menus, I meant something like we did with the Classes and each class page, and the Races and each race page - use a menu with an icon for each race and each class at the top of this Enhancements page, and then that same menu at the top of each individual class's or race's enhancements page. Or maybe create one global menu for ALL of these page? We'll see.

As for what you've done so far on the dwarf enhancements page, I'm glad you've got all the images uploaded, I need to take the time and completely refactor the layout on that one before you duplicate it to the rest of the classes and races (to save you time on those, so you don't have to update them all later, because you'll use the right layout the first time around). Sound good? And I'll look at writing up a template for the headers for this section later, unless you want to take that on - you can probably mostly copy the semantics from the class and race ToCs as-is. Fiddle with it, see what you come up with maybe? elliottcable (talk, site) 21:59, July 11, 2007 (EDT)

I'll try to paraphrase what you said, correct me if I'm wrong. You will create a template that will save me time as I won't have to do all the copy/pasting I currently do? If you do, base yourself on the elf enhancement page, it is more of what I'd like. There are slight differences, I'll upload the pics by tomorrow morning so I don't think that'd slow you down.

As for the enhancement page design I'm thinking about this: Enhancements/ToC test

Sounds good? What were you thinking about? (The TOC will ink to the enhancements instead of the clas/race, obviously)→ Borror0 22:48, July 11, 2007 (EDT)

I was originally thinking that, but now I'm thinking about a large TOC that collapses except on hover, with the classes and races horizontally, then downwards from the pic vertically is each of the things currently in the ClassTOCs / RaceTOCs - so as to pretty much combine the content of the 4 templates (ClassesTOC, ClassTOC, RacesTOC, RaceTOC) into one mega ToC template, right? elliottcable (talk, site) 23:30, July 12, 2007 (EDT)

Could be really cool, depends on what it'll look., but the idea seems good. → Borror0 12:26, July 13, 2007 (EDT)

enhancement icon images[edit]

we'll have to put some order to them. aside from size/format etc, lack of naming policy is a huge problem.

Talk:Enhancements/List of enhancement icons

yoko5000 03:00, November 28, 2008 (EST)


Sorry for reactivating an old topic, but relating to the design of the class enhancement pages i'd prefer if you could see the Template:ClassTOC on every of these pages, because it includes them and you should be able to click through the TOC and have it on every page, so that you can always go back and take a look at the other important things (e.g. if you weant to make a monk and don't know anything, you simply check the whole MonkTOC by clicking one topic after another. I added it for Monk_enhancements and Barbarian_enhancements but at least in my browser (Firefox 3.6) it makes the normal pageTOC lay over the enhancement summary, so I reversed it again. Could any admin, or someone who knows a lot about wiki-editing, please have a look at the templates and change them, so that it looks ok?

Jotakob 09:21, January 7, 2011 (EST)

ya i hear you, part of the problem is enhTOC being too wide. ill try to fix that.

yoko5000 07:54, January 10, 2011 (EST)

now anyone have issue with Barbarian enhancements page? checked on IE6 (yea i know...) and Chrome. i have Firefox clone called PaleMoon installed, on my another comp, ill check that later.

yoko5000 08:09, January 10, 2011 (EST)

Well, I'm not quite sure what I'm supposed to be looking for, but I don't see any huge glaring "OMG, this looks HORRIBLE!" errors on FF 3.6...

LrdSlvrhnd 18:17, January 10, 2011 (EST)

Nice, that's exactly how i wanted it to work! ty for fixing this. as i'm checking: in IE8 the pageTOC is located above the Enhancement overview. it's not that bad, but...

Jotakob 10:15, January 11, 2011 (EST)

Reaper Enhancements[edit]

I'd like to see the Reaper enhancement trees linked on the main part this page. I realize that they are linked well down the page, but what people see at the top should include a link to the Reaper trees as well, since they are indeed enhancements. Sure, they are a bit of a unique case, but then so are the Harper enhancements and whose are included in the main part of the page.

I was going to simply add this link, but I found that it was not all that simple. Even after locating Template:EnhancementsTOC editing that page turned out to be just another set of code. So I punt to a drive-by suggestion for someone else to do the work, assuming of course that the suggestion is well received. -Niminae (ContribsMessage) 07:30, May 18, 2017 (EDT)

  • Hmmm... De[ending how you look at it, Reaper Enhancements seem to be something separate from "regular" enhancements. Every character has "enhancements" - it's part of any build - but that's not true of RE's. Earning RE's also works differently, and there are other marked diffs. That said, if(!) it can be fitted in cleanly, a link could't hurt. (Note - if you found the code page for Enhancements, you should also have noted that it's currently locked, pending discussion.) C-Hound (ContribsMessage) 22:53, February 16, 2020 (EST)

Horizon Walker[edit]

Hey guys, I'm currently reading up on how to edit wikis, but my goal is to figure out how to add Horizon Walker to the list of enhancement trees — previous unsignedPlease sign posts using ~~~~ comment by Lukshad ( c |d| r| b) at 07:34, August 21, 2021 (UTC)

  • Heya, the actual page already exists: Horizon Walker enhancements. And someone already added it also to the TOC. It is quite possible that it's still missing on various places. Either let us know where you think it's missing or simply try to edit the page and make the change. Be bold; we will patrol and rollback your changes if anything goes wrong. :) Cru121 (ContribsMessage) 03:34, August 21, 2021 (EDT)