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A separate page was recently created for Emotes only (see page history). This was undone by Technical 13, with the below comment...

"No reason to have a whole bunch of pages for chat commands. These all need to be merged into one with redirects as is appropriate. :) " User:Technical 13
First, there was never "a whole bunch of pages" - there were 2, the Chat page and this new one with just the Emotes listed. That aside, I agree both in principle and as a general matter of Wiki policy - always better to have similar information consolidated rather than spread out, and better not to have info duplicated. However, while "similar info" in that both are typed in the /chat box, "emotes" are distinctly different from in-game "/commands". They serve a different purpose, and, more importantly to consideration of this page, they are of specific interest to a different type of user. For that alone, they should have their own page, where they are both consolidated and (more importantly) explained. And as to that last, they are ~not~ explained anywhere else in this wiki afaict - what an emote is and how it works. And the info as to "What does X-Emote do?" was not included either (again, see page history). Altho' you and I and the vast majority of users know what they are, that's neither something a Wiki should assume for "all readers" in this case, nor a friendly approach to re organizing articles.

Therefore, I respectfully disagree that this information "needs to be merged", and would strongly suggest either 1) undo-ing the wholesale deletion of this material as a separate page, or 2) editing the chat page, splitting of the material there and listing "commands" separately from "emotes" (perhaps with their own sub-section, which would then also consolidate pure in-game /commands). Organizing this material in one or the other of those fashions better serves RP'ers, newbies to MMO's, and anyone who is interested in the emotes and not all the /commands (and better than just sorting the existing list). Imo. C-Hound (ContribsMessage) 23:17, January 8, 2016 (EST)