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Talk:Dragonmark of Finding

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When I get back home tonight, I'm gonna make it a point to get a few screenshots of uses of this dragonmark. I just got the feats on my new toon (gonna be 19/1 Sorc/Bard, designed to be basically a haggle char who I actually like playing *I dislike bards*) Before looking at the post by Tolero, I always assumed the fizzly effect was success because it makes the chest have a glow/blinky effect afterwards.. and the purple arrows effect (Looks like the effect on players hit by Radiant Serv: Positive Energy Burst) was failure because it doesn't glow. Perhaps it's a mechanic similar to Traps, where blinking/glowing traps are active (or inactive? I forget). Also, I want to test this out and see how it actually works.. I want to take down some data. Can anyone think of a quest that would be a good base to test this out on? Maybe a quest with a fixed level and chests.. Something where a +1 improvement would be obvious. I'm thinking perhaps one of the lvl 1 quests from Korthos?

Auhfel (Contribs • Message), 09:29, March 18, 2012 (EDT)
That feat and all related loot boosts are mostly a scam imo. Just another way for turbine to make money.

I tested them all pretty heavily at the endgame to see if they could be used to help us get +3 unbound tomes. The short answer is no. Although they seem to work on low level treasure, anything level18+ seems to be hard locked and not modifiable by this feat or any other loot boosts.

Shade 09:44, March 18, 2012 (EDT)
I suppose so, but this really doesn't bother me. I imagine that I'll run this character through Vale and Orchard slayers until I've ransacked the majority of quests, just to make some plat. Those should still be affected by the +1 bonus. If the feat works well enough to net me any noticable amount of extra plat per slayers run, I'll be pleased. It'd be nice to know how much more plat this feat could net you per chest, based on the level of loot. (Probably wouldn't be that hard to come up with a range of plat increase per chest.. just got to know the level of the chest which should just be the level of the quest, and the range of items that come in a chest (I don't know this personally, so I'd have to test out for the loot tables))
Auhfel (Contribs • Message), 09:59, March 18, 2012 (EDT)
Yea **should** work there. It would be a fairly small increase, as +2 (its +2 loot lvls) doesnt neccesarily translate into higher lvl loot at that lvl... Just a small increase to your chance of getting a higher tier. Over a long period of time it will gain you a decent amount tho. (I'd estimate ~5-10% more plats if you only run scalable, non lvl18+ content.)

PS: Please sign your talk posts and follow wikiquette. You can do so easily with the signature button in the toolbar (2nd from the right), or with four tildes. Even better: Use this post template im using, as its easier to read and follow. Type: {{SUBST:Post|0|~~~~| your text here }} to use it.

Shade 10:22, March 18, 2012 (EDT)
Thanks, I'm still quite new to wiki's and still a little retarded on how to use each function. As for the loot stuff, if you happen to know any good reference threads on looting mechanics (Expected drops on loot, ex: 1-2 items (equippable), 1-2 consumables, 1-2 vendor trash (typically gems), 500-1000 gold) I'd love to see them. I'm searching through forums on MyDDO now, so I have a better understanding of how it works. I'm kind of curious if the +2 to loot level can affect certain drops at a fixed rate, drops such as gold which doesn't have a "level" persay.
Auhfel 10:35, March 18, 2012 (EDT)
I did some limited testing, I ran The Collaborator (Level 1) on Casual difficulty which has 4 chests. I was successful at blessing 14 chests and unsuccessful on 10 that were not being effected by ransack. I averaged 129.4 plat/chest on successful blessings (Value of each chest is just sum of base value of everything in the chest) and 116.9 plat on the non-successful blessings. I logged on a different toon and looted 14 chests without even attempting to bless (same as successful blesses) and averaged 112.7 plat. This seems to jive with what you were saying. I know it's not a large sample size, and perhaps the plat disparity is larger at higher levels.. Still would require a lot more testing. I plan to do this again in a week, but because of the +1 loot bonus running currently the values may become skewed. I just need more characters with this D.Mark..
Auhfel 19:54, March 18, 2012 (EDT)
I'm kinda curious how this is a scam for Turbine to make money, since last I checked they don't sell dragonmarks, and I suspect nobody's ever said "Ooh, dragonmark of finding, I'm gonna buy me half-orc to use it!"

Anyhoo, Haverdasher might be a good place to do some testing, 2-3 minutes will get you two chests most of the time (darn that one time out of 100 that scorp doesn't spawn!) Come Out and Slay is another, as you can get four chests quite quickly, and it's not that long to a fifth, plus it's slightly higher level so less easy to skew. Another really good place is keeping an eye out for people running Devil Assault - fairly often, they'll solo/two-man it on elite and not touch the chests, then throw up an LFM at the end for free loot - "Looking for metal wraps/ToD boot ingredients/whatever, please pass any you don't need" kinda thing. That'll be L18 and REALLY make for some good comparisons, I think.

Irestone Inlet may also be a good testbed, as there are about a bazillion chests there. I believe it was popular for trying for Ioun stones before U13...

LrdSlvrhnd 18:41, March 20, 2012 (EDT)
If you are looking for places to test run this dragonmark for statistical data, may I suggest Reaver's Fate (14 raid) -- 4 relatively quick chests, Shroud (17 raid) -- Usually 12- 14 chests unless someone screws up part 3 in which case it is still at very least 10 chests, or Raiding the Giants' Vault (19 solo) -- 4-8 fairly quick chests in a solo quest so no-one will open it before you can use your mark. Of course, S/R/E areas are usually plentiful with the chests and range in all character levels.
ShoeMaker 21:56, March 20, 2012 (EDT)

Raids arent a great spot to test, as most raid chests use non-standard tables, which are also not affected by the feat. Also sometimes called "over ride" tables, they dont have "levels" thus cant be increased, they instead just staticly set there loot.. So it cant be increased because table "reaver_elite" doesnt have a table reaver_elite_level+2". (Though thats just the raid chest, the 3 loot chests are probably just standard scalable chests.)

Interestingly years ago Reaver did use a standard level based chest (its a much more complex thing to code for raidloot, so rarely done) - and during loot weekends youd get increased chances at raid loot.. But its since been changed to the newer style non-scaling table.

re:slvrhand: eh i was generalizing.. Mainly refering to the loot jewels, which are primarily store-puchased, and frequently by end game players. Though I'd bet you people HAVE wasted money on feat respecs/halforc at least partly due to these feat/feats... I've seen much dumber things happen in this game.

Raiding the giants vault is another special case.. When it came out it had like level10 loot tables.. It's since been increased and may have standard scaling tables, so might be worth a test... As a general rule most solo-only quests have -2 loot table though, it's likely an exception given its changes and high lvl.

Shade 23:45, March 20, 2012 (EDT)
Thanks for the suggestions guys. As my weekend is coming up again (tomorrow) I'll take some time to gather data from more Collaborator, and add Haverdasher,Come out and Slay, and Tear of Dhakan. I'll probably run the higher level quests on normal, the only reason I was running Collaborator at casual was to give me the lowest level loot possible for less variance. I want to stray from any quests that require a group (re:raids) because it's nigh impossible to use your dragonmark before someone else opens the chest. People simply don't care/can't wait the 3 seconds it takes to bless a chest. My blesser is also only lvl 12 at the moment. Never the less, I'd still like to get data from higher level quests once my character is up there.
Auhfel 07:55, March 21, 2012 (EDT)
Still keep an eye out for Devil Assault free loot LFMs - most of them will probably have a high level range, but that's only because they're too lazy to change the auto-suggested range. There's no reason even an L1 couldn't get in an after-the-fact Elite for the chests (I know I pulled in an L14 a couple days ago), and as long as you're not the last one in you should have plenty of time to bless 'em. And possibly even if you are the last one in, if you say "Hey, give me a chance to bless the chests first," they'll likely wait. What's a few extra seconds by that point, especially if it gives people a chance at the stuff they want... and even if they aren't willing, most people hit the chests from left to right, so you'll probably have a shot at blessing at least one of 'em, if not more, if you go right to left *g*

Shade, I hadn't even *thought* about buying Sib shards for feat respecs...

Also, I'd like to know why sometimes the post template will give me the proper paragraph spacing, and sometimes not... such as now, when I had to add this line to get the last one properly separated... seems like two paragraphs isn't sufficient, but three is... weird.

LrdSlvrhnd 14:19, March 22, 2012 (EDT)