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Things why People believe Artificer is coming[edit]

  • House Cannith is coming in U11 and a new class (Artificer is one of the classes strongly related to Cannith)
  • Developers implemented a crafting system that breaks down magical properties into essences, like how artificers use Retain Essence
  • Wand Maximizing:
Originally Posted by Genasi Source

Epic Brimstone Verge: Replaced Fireball with Delayed Blast Fireball, added Epic Combustion VII (60% damage boost to fire spells). The spell also has a DC that is 12 higher than a normal item-triggered Delayed Blast Fireball would be (although this effect was added some time ago), as well as a special, totally new effect: Wand Maximizing, which causes the wand to do 100% extra damage (as though the spell were maximized). Unfortunately, due to the method of implementation on this, it will not stack with the enhancements which increase your wand damage; perhaps we can address that at some point, but for now, at least you will be doing 25% more damage than the highest tiers of those enhancements can provide.

--2011 May 20 Neouni

uh, ahem, neo, do you have access to the ddo vault forum? --yoko5000 21:53, May 20, 2011 (EDT)

Don't see it on the forum tree breakdown, so i don't think so.
But i barely travel all over the forums, and the search system is sometimes so bad google can find it better then the internal search. Neouni 05:33, May 21, 2011 (EDT)

Feats and Class skills[edit]

  • Concentration, Disable Device, Open Lock, Repair, Search, Use Magic Device, Come straight from the DnD 3.5 ebberon campaign setting book, with a lot of skills removed because DDO doesn't use them.
  • Simple weapons, Everyone has this one.
  • Exotic weapon proficiency: Great Crossbow, A new reward given for collaborator is now a great crossbow, could be an enhancement that takes care of this but I doubt it.
  • Exotic weapon proficiency: Repeating Light Crossbow, A new reward given for The Grotto (tutorial quest) is now a Repeating Light Crossbow, and jeets gives you a repeater and 100 bolts on the beach.
  • Light armor, Medium armor, Shields (except tower shields), PnP stuff.
  • Rune Arm Use, expecting it to be a classskill.

Is it worth noting on the main page that Artificers don't get the Sneak feat until level 2? --Sierim, 01:03, Sept 28, 2011 (CST)

Iron Defender = Homunclus?[edit]

Update 11 Patch 1 Release Notes has a section called Homunculus, which as i understand is refered to Artificer pets/Iron Defenders. i havent played around with this class yet (dont wanna spend TP for it) so i got little to no knowlege on it but they work diffrently than summoned creatures, right? they can equip Modules and Docents and get their own enhancements and feats? i think we need a page explaining how they work. anybody care to start those articles? --yoko5000 05:52, October 22, 2011 (EDT)