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Tactical feat

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Tactical feats, or Combat feats are feats that correspond to melee special attacks requiring a DC check to succeed.

Many special attacks granted by class enhancements and also some Epic Destiny abilities, especially those in the Grandmaster of Flowers and Legendary Dreadnought trees, are also considered in the same category and benefit from items and enhancements which improve the DC of all tactical feats. Assassinate and Bluff are excluded.

Improving tactical DC[edit]

Ability score[edit]

Traditional tactical feats (Sunder, Trip, Stunning Blow) rely upon the Strength modifier of the player rolled against various monster stats. Any items or spells, such as Rage which improve your Strength also improve your DC.

The important ability score can be different for class-specific special attacks, for example many Monk attacks rely on Wisdom.

Racial abilities[edit]

Class abilities[edit]



The following item enchantments increase tactical DCs: Combat Mastery, Vertigo, Stunning, Dazing, Sundering, Shatter

Epic Destiny[edit]

  • Legendary Dreadnought
    • Tier I ability Legendary Tactics: up to +6
    • Tier IV ability Unusual Tactics +2 to tactical feats and other also other similar abilities
  • Grandmaster of Flowers has innate abilities (non-twistable) which gradually increase tactics DC, up to 3 by Level 5.
  • Fatesinger Tier V ability: The Fifth Chord grants +1 to all tactics to all party members; twice as much for the Fatesinger

Please note that some of Epic Destiny combat abilities may not accept these bonuses, even if advertised, due to mistyping bugs in the game.