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Specific quest requirements

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Although in general a typical balanced team can defeat any quest of the appropriate level, certain quests have a special requirement for completion. Sometimes that requirement is absolute and unavoidable, while other times there are challenging and dangerous workarounds. Additionally, it is much more common that a quest have a special requirement for optional challenges and rewards.

In all cases, when an ability score is required, it can be achieved with temporary buff effects (note that even with +6 or higher items, Strength can be increased a further 2 points with the Rage spell/potion, and 2 more with the Madstone Rage.)

Note that most doors in game that require strength to bash them down can also be destroyed by Fireball and such spells. Carrying those spells/wands might be a good idea for a low-strength character; Scorched Bracers from the Chronoscope raid has three charges for those characters with low UMD.

Table: Requirements of specific quests
Name Level Requirement
Rest for the Restless 4 Two players for valve switches (can be bypassed by recalling or Dimension Door spell, or done with a hireling)

Ranged attacks or spells to kill undead, for a door opening

Tomb of the Burning Heart 5 Four players for floor switches (can be bypassed by tripping/halting undeads nearby)
Delera's Tomb 2 7 Two players for levers (Can be done with a hireling)
The Pit 7 The third furnace usually requires two, soloable with high Jump skill and some tricks
Tomb of the Shadow King 8 Two for runes that weaken Nsu
Vault of Night 3 9 Intelligence 11+ for runes in beholder area
Vault of Night 5 9 Two players with 20 Wisdom, two with 25 Strength

One with Open Locks or Knock spell
At least 4+1 players for south area levers

Xorian Cipher 9 Four players for floor switches/split path. Soloable with a hireling and some skeleton herding.
Tomb of the Forbidden 11 Two for levers with gears to unlock them
The Twilight Forge 11 See the quest entry itself
The Maze of Madness 13 Two for many, many levers
The Crucible 14 At least two for the maze
Flesh Maker's Laboratory 14 At least two players for five runes before the end fight
The Prison of the Planes 14 Usually two for orb switches
Rainbow in the Dark 16 At least one level 14+ character to use Radiant Arc
Ascension Chamber 17 At least six for teleport path
Hound of Xoriat 18 14+ Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma for runes (The Subterrane - East)

Table: Avoidable requirements of specific quest optionals
Name Level Requirement
Bringing the Light 2 a Dexterity rune, Wisdom rune, or Intelligence rune for boss room
Recovering the Lost Tome 2 13 Intelligence for runes (lightning traps and mephit room)
The Sunken Sewer 2 Open Locks to do the rogue path, Intelligence to do the spider room
The Swiped Signet 3 Open Locks for iron defender room, Wisdom for mephit room
Waterworks 2 3 Intelligence for optional captives
The Tear of Dhakaan 7 Intelligence, Wisdom, Strength for runes
Xorian Cipher 9 Intelligence 20+, Wisdom 18+, Charisma 16+ for runes

Open Locks, Disable Device for the vault room

Dreams of Insanity 11 Intelligence 12 for chaos orb runes

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