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Sovereign Light

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The standard Favored Soul build focusing on heavy damage from light (Divine Punishment) and force damage spells (Blade Barrier and Cometfall) with a little extra survivability.

  • At level 1 choose the Follower of the Sovereign Host feat to gain proficiency with longswords. A longsword and a shield will be used at early levels. After level 9 you can start using a weapon that increases your light damaging spells.
  • At level 12 when you unlock Blade Barrier you should change to an Impulse weapon with Kinetic Lore (extra damage and critical chance for Blade Barrier). At this point a Favored Soul becomes very powerful and his playstyle will change completely. Make sure to keep Quicken Spell active at all times when in combat and kite the mobs through your Blade Barrier. When you adapt to this playstyle you will then be able to solo most quests of your level without great difficulty.
  • Wis is necessary to increase the DC of your spells (very important for Blade Barrier).
  • Cha is needed to be able to cast your spells (11Cha for level 1 spells, 12Cha for level 2 spells and so on.)

Basic features:


True Neutral

Ability Increase:

28 Point Build

32 Point Build




Make sure to grab Resilience of Battle and Toughness x3 from the Warpriest enhancements. Spend the remaining points in the Angel of Vengeance enhancements.

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