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Soul of the Elements

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Soul of the Elements

Effect: Grants a buff when you equip the item while in one of Monk stances, or toggle on a Monk stance while the item is equipped. The buff lasts until you leave that stance, or die. Since Monk stances persist through death, but this effect does not, you'll need to manually toggle the item or the stance to re-activate the buff if you die.

Official Description: While you are centered, this item grants you a bonus depending on your current monk stance.

  • Wind Stance - Beyond the Soul of Storm - +3d6 Electric damage on each hit, and your hits apply a bleed effect dealing 1d8 bleed damage every few seconds. (Bleed does not stack, nor does it deal initial damage on each application.)
  • Mountain Stance - Beyond the Soul of Stone - +10 Insight bonus to AC and Reflex Saves.
  • Sun Stance - Beyond the Soul of Flame - Small chance (5%?) on hit to blind and fear the target. (No save on blind? Fear not applying at all?)
  • Ocean Stance - Beyond the Soul of Tide - Small chance on hit to trip the target. (No save?)

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