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Solid Arcane Archer

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The standard build for a Ranger that uses the newly updated Arcane Archer enhancements and Elf enhancements. The purpose of this build is simple: take advantage of your free Two Weapon Fighting feats by using two weapons, until level 6. At level 6 when you unlock Paralyzing Arrows and Manyshot you will switch to a longbow for good. The role of an Arcane Archer is to stay infront of the healer and support the group with CC from Paralyzing Arrows and damage.

  • During boss fights activate your Manyshot to deal heavy damage, but be careful if you take the aggro from the boss.
  • Keep Paralyzing Arrows open at all times, unless you are fighting a boss that is immune to paralysis. In that case switch to Shock Arrows.
  • Keep Improved Precise Shot active when fighting multiple enemies and aim for the casters. Switch to Archer's Focus only during boss fights when it's time to hit the boss.
  • Str is not needed for Elves because of Grace, but will be very helpful until Grace has been unlocked.
  • Dex increases your Attack bonus and is very important.
  • Wis is needed to be able to cast your spells (11Wis for level 1 spells, 12Wis for level 2 spells and so on.)


True Neutral

Ability Increase:

28 Point Build

32 Point Build





all 5 core enhancements, all 4 Weapon Training(Aerenal Weapon Training), Enchantment Lore(x2), Feywild Tap(x1), Fey Sight, Arcanum(x3), Skill, Grace(Aerenal Grace)

all 5 core enhancements, all 4 Elemental Arrows, all tier 5 enhancements (except from Moonbow), Paralyzing + Terror Arrows(all ranks), Conjure Arrows, Awareness(x3), Soul Magic, Dexterity(x2), Energy of the wild(x3)(also gives you the Magical Training feat)

Far Shot, Sneak Attack(1st only), Sniper Shot, Increased Empathy(x3), Versatile Empathy(x2), Favored Resistance(x3)

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