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Risia Ice Games/Swap Instance Script

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Instructions for using this script are at Risia Ice Games/Instance swapping.

#IfWinActive ahk_class Turbine Device Class
;set this to the number of instances there are to switch between:
Instances := 5

CycleCount := 0
;set this higher if the lag on your pc makes the switching not work. 2 works ok for me, 10 is probably high enough for anyone (and is the default if we didn't set it here). Lower ms makes switching faster.
SetMouseDelay, 4

;this is the key to use for hotkey. Set this to what key you want to use. See list at
If CycleCount = 0 ;get menu position. The first press of the hotkey should be with the mouse at the center of the area name box on the minimap
  MouseGetPos, MenuXpos, MenuYpos
  Ypos1 := MenuYpos + 5 + 14*1
  Ypos2 := MenuYpos + 5 + 14*2
  Ypos3 := MenuYpos + 5 + 14*3
  Ypos4 := MenuYpos + 5 + 14*4
  Ypos5 := MenuYpos + 5 + 14*5
  Tooltip Stored menu position x%MenuXpos% y%MenuYpos%
  CycleCount := 1
Tooltip Switching to instance %CycleCount%
Send, t
MouseClick, left,  %MenuXpos%,  %MenuYpos%
YposNext := Ypos%CycleCount%
MouseClick, left,  %MenuXpos%,  %YposNext%
Send, t

LastInstance := CycleCount
LastTime:= A_TickCount

If CycleCount = %Instances%
 CycleCount := 1
 CycleCount := CycleCount + 1

SetTimer, WaitTip, 1000


 elapsed_time := A_TickCount - LastTime
 elapsed_seconds := Floor(elapsed_time/1000)
 Tooltip Instance %LastInstance%: %elapsed_seconds%s

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