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Rina Belostos

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Rina Belostos.jpg

Name: Rina Belostos

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Netherese Legacy

Affiliation(s): The Harpers

Location: Eveningstar, west end of town, by the gate leading to The King's Forest

Description: <Harper>


  • Rina Belostos: The Nether Scrolls were made by the Elder Races ages ago, back when humans were mere savages.
  • Rina Belostos: Taken together, the Scrolls contain all there is to know of magic and the arcane. Each Scroll holds vast power - power so vast that those who read too many of the Scrolls are driven mad.
  • Rina Belostos: Somehow Oriphaun uncovered a Nether Scroll. Then he vanished, taking the Scroll with him.
  • Rina Belostos: We cannot let the vast power of a Nether Scroll fall into evil's grasp. We must retrieve the scroll, and for that The Harpers need your help.
    • You: Why are the Harpers interested in this Nether Scroll?
      • Rina Belostos: Oh, for many reasons. Harpers seek to uncover and preserve long-forgotten lore, and there is no better example of that than a Nether Scroll. Then, too, we Harpers battle evil, and surely evil will seek to use this scroll for its own ends.
      • Rina Belostos: Those are reasons enough, yet there is one reason more. It was Oriphaun Huntsilver who vanished with the scroll, and he was ... is ... a Harper.
        • You: ...
    • You: What can I do to help the Harpers? (bestows Netherese Legacy)

After Netherese Legacy has been bestowed:

  • Rina Belostos: We've already managed to find one of the scroll pieces, but we need some help retrieving it safely. Speak with my fellow Harper, Tibalt Dormen. He'll tell you what to do next.
    • You: Who's Oriphaun? And how did he get this Nether Scroll?
      • Rina Belostos: Oriphaun is noble, a member of House Huntsilver. He's also been an avid collector of rare relics and artifacts his entire life.
      • Rina Belostos: Somehow Oriphaun managed to obtain a Nether Scroll - the find of a lifetime. The instant I learned of his discovery I tried to recruit him into the Harpers. And I thought I had succeeded - but Oriphaun vanished the very next day, taking the Nether Scroll with him.
      • Rina Belostos: Fortunately I managed to find his journal. It reveals that he tore up the Nether Scroll and hid the pieces along the High Road west of Eveningstar.
        • You: What's next? (returns to previous dialogue)
    • You: I'll talk to Tibalt. (bestows Netherese Legacy: A Walk Down the Lane)

The End of the Road[edit]

  • Rina Belostos: Netheril has grown bold! We will keep a watch from now on.