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The Pit Restart Guide

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The Pit Restart Guide

"This letter-bound journal details the steps required to restart The Pit."

When you obtain "The Pit" quest from Vargus d'Deneith, he gives you a restart manual, a (rather hard to follow) "How to" for the quest. (Look in your inventory.) This manual can be safely discarded if you wish, at any time before or after quest completion.

The text of the restart manual reads:


Refuse Disposal Unit
Emergency System Restore Instructions

WARNING: Unit should only be serviced by a trained and licensed artificer. Do not attempt an Emergency System Restore without the proper authorization. Failure to heed this warning could result in injury to person or property or, in extreme cases, loss of life. House Cannith is not responsible for personal injury, destruction of property or death stemming from the use or misuse of this installation. In the unlikely event of total system failure, please refer to the following instructions.

This Unit is designed to break down organic and inorganic matter in a timely and efficient manner. Should the system fail or need to be disabled for any reason, the following steps may be taken to initiate a full system restore.

User Interface Guidelines: The Emergency System Restore must be initiated in a specific sequence. Follow the instructions as they appear. This Unit provides an easy-to-follow series of color-coded crystals.

Green: This stage of the sequence was successfully completed
Yellow: You may initiate progress on this stage of the Emergency System Restore
Red: Complete all prior sequences before returning to this stage

WARNING: Steam from a blocked valve system can be dangerous if the valves are opened. Stay clear of any pressure release valves unless you are sure that the system is de-pressurized.

Step 1: Activate the backup generator
This Unit is equipped with a backup generator used to supply steam power should the main systems fail or go offline for any reason. In order to initiate a full system restore, you must first activate the backup generator. Power may then be restored via three furnaces located at various points in the system. House Cannith employs Fire Elementals as a main source of power and only a skilled artificer or elementalist should attempt these procedures.

The backup generator is protected by a security code, a series of nine (9) Service Runes that must be activated before backup power can be restored. As the sequence is changed often, consult your most recent Technical Update Manual and follow the simple procedures outlined therein.

Once the background generators are online, proceed to the furnace junction.

Step 2: Access the First Furnace via the Furnace Junction
There are three furnaces the Unit uses to generate power. Each furnace must be prepared in sequence to allow the system to acclimate to the sudden influx of energy.

CAUTION: failure to prepare the furnaces in the proper sequence could result in a cataclysmic explosion and the utter destruction of this Unit and any occupants attempting to repair it.

In order to safeguard the system, a series of entry bridges must be lowered to access each furnace. At this stage, one furnace should be accessible. Follow this passage to the furnace and follow the shining lights to the elemental capture field switch. Do not attempt to engage rogue fire elementals! (Fire Elemental race) Contact our representatives for technical support.

Step 3: Re-activate the Security System
The Unit is currently in low-power mode at this point. It has sufficient magical energy to run the security system, which must be re-activated by an artificer. House Cannith does not recommend this step for untrained users.

Note: You may experience flooding in this area from minor occurrences of system backflow. This flooding is drained over time once the bilge pumps are restarted in Step 7.

Proceed to the rune locks. The lever that re-activates the security system must be unlocked by dialing in the proper code sequence in the rune locks. This sequence changes often, please consult the Technical Update Manual.

Once this lever is thrown, the security system will reset itself and commence its standard security routine. This includes shooting intruders with blasts of force, so please be aware and plan accordingly. An alternative is to contact House Cannith in Cyre so that a licensed trapsmith can be dispatched to your location.

Step 4: Access the Second Furnace via the Furnace Junction
Return to the Furnace Junction where the second bridge should be lowered. If it is not lowered, bang on the controls with a blunt object until it lowers. If this does not work, thank you for using House Cannith for your disposal needs.

Proceed as normal to the upper-most platform. Again, do not attempt to engage any rogue elementals that may be encountered. First Aid kits should be located in several convenient locations throughout the complex. Continue to the Main Breaker Room.

Step 5: Reset the Main Breaker Room
The Main Breaker is against the far wall. There should be little difficulty in accessing this switch as the conduits are magically hardened against electrical discharge.

In the unlikely event of a massive power discharge, the artificer on hand should reset the auxiliary circuit breakers by pulling all the switches to the 'down' position. This will deactivate the protection field (designed to insulate the Main Breaker from electrical damage). The Main Breaker can now be reset. Once the Main Breaker is reset, power up the Main Control Room.

Step 6: Power up the Main Control Room
The power grid of the Main Control Room must be re-configured to allow maximum throughput. Once this is done to all four sides of the Control Matrix, full power will be restored. The next step is to restart the pumping system in the Bilge Pumps.

Step 7: Restart the Bilge Pumps
The Bilge Pumps process water and remove it from the containment areas in the lower recesses of the pit. These pumps are shut down if the system fails in order to prevent complications from system backflow. When the Bilge Pumps are successfully restarted, activate the Third Furnace.

Step 8: Access the Third Furnace via the Furnace Junction
Access ramps are conveniently located throughout the area. Should these fail for any reason, please contact House Cannith. Do not attempt to use steam pressure to propel yourself to the upper platforms as this is highly dangerous!

Restart the Intake System to complete Emergency System Restore.

Step 9: Restart the Intake System
Travel to the uppermost level of the system to access the Intake Room. At the far end is a valve used to initiate the final stage in the Emergency System Restore. Disengage the shutoff valve by throwing the switches located on either side of the room. Once the lock is disengaged, you may turn the valve and restore the system to its default state.

Reminder: Repairs on this system should only be done under the auspices of House Cannith. Failure to contact House Cannith regarding repairs to the system may void your warranty.