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Research Assistant Sil

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Research Assistant Sil.jpg

Name: Sil

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Location: Redwillow's Ruins, in Redwillow's camp

Description: He is one of the four surviving research assistants of Falcor Redwillow's expedition (Caldia, Gadbin, Jada, and Sil).

Redwillow's Ruins[edit]

When you first meet him at the camp, he will reply:

  • Sil: I have never, in all my days, seen a goblinoid onslaught such as the one that overran our encampments. They acted with uncanny intelligence, targeting our guards first and then slaughtering our defenseless scholars. Redwillow quickly saw that we had no chance and called for a retreat. Call it cowardice if you like, but none of us would be alive without that act of leadership.

After you talk to Redwillow, but has not yet retrieved their items, he will say:

  • Sil: It is my responsibility to pack the warded container for our journey home. Ask me not about its contents, for I am sworn to secrecy on that matter. You must deliver the research notes to Gadbin, the necklace to Jada and the slaughtered assistants' personal effects to Caldia.

After finding all the items, if you are in possession of the Warded Container, he will say:

  • Sil: Have you the container? I truly hope that you do.
    • You: Yes, I have the container.
      • Sil: This object will secure enough resources to pay the sponsor of this expedition three times over. You have done well.
    • You: I was unable to find the container you desire. (Walk away)

After delivering all the items to all four assistants, he will reply:

  • Sil: We have recovered what we need to leave this deadly jungle behind. Hopefully, Redwillow will lead us out of here soon, although I suspect he's got something else up his sleeve. You had best speak to him.