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Research Assistant Jada

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Research Assistant Jada.jpg

Name: Jada

Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Location: Redwillow's Ruins, in Redwillow's camp

Description: She is one of the four surviving research assistants of Falcor Redwillow's expedition (Caldia, Gadbin, Jada, and Sil).

Redwillow's Ruins[edit]

When you first meet her at the camp, she will reply:

  • Jada: They swarmed the camps as we slept, murdering our guards and laying waste to all who stood in their path. I lost a precious heirloom to their claws. Bring me that necklace, for I will not leave it here.

After you talk to Redwillow, but has not yet retrieved their items, she will say:

  • Jada: I will pack the necklace when you recover it—oh, do not look at me that way! It is no mere trinket, and much more valuable than you realize. You must also return the warded container to Sil, the research notes to Gadbin and the personal effects to Caldia.

After finding all the items, if you are in possession of the Necklace, she will say:

  • Jada: Have you found my necklace?
    • You: Yes, I was able to recover it.
      • Jada: This necklace is precious in more ways than one. Thank you for returning it safely.
    • You: No, I did not find your necklace. (Walk away)

After delivering all the items to all four assistants, she will reply:

  • Jada: We have recovered all the essentials of our expedition. Please speak with Redwillow, for he may have another task for you before we can leave.