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Reaper Forge

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Reaper forge.png

Reaper Forge is a crafting device introduced in Update 52. It allows you to crunch your existing reaper bonus items for Fragments of Reaper Power. You can then use the fragments to add reaper bonuses to a different item.

Accessing the forge[edit]

  • To access the forge, talk to Raven Queen Augur in the Eberron Hall of Heroes.
  • He will not talk to you unless your character has 2,500,000+ Reaper Experience.


You can destroy your items with Reaper enchantments for 1 or 5 fragments, depending on whether the item provides one bonus (e.g. +5 PRR/MRR) or two (e.g. +1 attack & +1 spell penetration). However be aware that if you trade in an item with two bonuses, trades for both 1 fragment and 5 fragments will appear - make sure to choose the latter!

You can grant your items reaper bonus for 75 fragments:

'[UnverifiedIcon tooltip.pngThis article has not been verified in-game. Please verify it!]

  • Helmet: +2 Reaper Bonus to all ability scores
  • Gloves: +1 to all skills and +3 melee/ranged/spell power
  • Belt: +10 hit points and +3 PRR
  • Boots: +5 PRR/MRR
  • Armor: +5% AC and +5 PRR
  • Shield: +25% Fortification and +3 PRR
  • Cloak: +1 Dodge and Dodge Cap
  • Goggles: +1 attack and +1 spell penetration
  • Necklace: +2 melee/ranged/spell power and +2 PRR/MRR
  • Trinket:
  • Bracers: +1 saves and +3 MRR
  • Ring 1: +10 universal spell power
  • Ring 2: +1 to Spell, tactical, and assassinate DCs
  • Ring 3: +3% spell cost reduction and +3 MRR
  • Ring 4: +5 melee/ranged power

Bug: Five Rings (Slave Lords Crafting) is not a real ring. Reaper Forge may accept your ring crafting recipe but fail to grant any bonus.