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Raven Queen Messenger

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Raven Queen Messenger.png

Name: Raven Queen Messenger

Race: Shadar-kai

Gender: Female

Collects: Reaper Experience

Affiliation(s): Raven Queen

Location: Hall of Heroes


Base price: 1M plat

Notes: Requires 625,000 Reaper experience before she will speak with you

Originally Posted by LawfulGood Source

After buying the item for 850K plat, you drink the potion and it unlocks a feat. Once the feat is active, the cosmetic appears. The eyes are slightly elongated than the standard glowing eyes. Really can't tell a difference until you get close. You lose the feat upon reincarnation.

WARNING: The potion is consumed when used. The feat is grayed out after you log out and back in, and thus cannot be activated again.

Hall of Heroes[edit]

If you try to talk to her without 625,000 Reaper Experience, she will reply:

  • Raven Queen's Messenger: The Raven Queen awaits the day when your life inevitably ends. As yet, you are beneath her notice. Return when you have at least 625,000 Reaper Experience.

If you have enough reaper experience, she will say:

  • Raven Queen's Messenger: You actually believe you can cheat death? Very well, it please the Raven Queen to indulge your absurd fantasy. Consider these wares. They will help extend your little charade.
  • You: I would like to trade.