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Priest Ni Sek

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Priest Ni Sek.jpg

Name: Priest Ni Sek

Race: Sahuagin

Gender: Unknown

Location: [[Category:Unknown Into the Deep, Main area by the entrance NPCs]][[Into the Deep, Main area by the entrance]]

Into the Deep[edit]

When you first talk to him, he will give you a mission:

  • Priest Ni Sek: Welcome, surfacer. I am Priest Ni Sek, devoted to our old ways. May you show no weakness before the Devourer this day.
  • You: A priest: Since we happen to be allies today, can you heal my wounds?
  • Priest Ni Sek: No.
  • Priest Ni Sek: My Magic is reserved for my brothers in battle. But if you aid me I may be able to spare a few healing items. There is a plant that grows here in our waters called Sea Paw.
  • Priest Ni Sek: Collect twenty Sea Paw and I will reward you.
    • You: Twenty Sea Paw? Got it.
      • Priest Ni Sek: ???????????
    • You: Maybe if I'm in the mood. But don't count on it, fish!
      • Priest Ni Sek: I am not a 'fish,' landwalker. If you can't tell the difference, then soon your blood will mingle in this water.

After you get his quest, if you return to him without the Sea Paw he asked, he will tell you:

  • Priest Ni Sek: I await your return with the promised twenty Sea Paw, landwalker. Do not linger in the depths long or something will find you.
    • You: Try not to go belly up on me before I get back, sea-devil. (Walk away)
    • You: I will return soon. (Walk away)

After you gather 20 Sea Paws, he will tell you:

  • Priest Ni Sek: Ah! I sense you have the twenty Sea Paw we require. Give it to me and I will reward you.
  • You: Here it is. May I just add that this stuff is pretty gross?
  • Dungeon Master: Priest Ni Sek has given each party member 3 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds.
  • Priest Ni Sek: What you say is less than relevant, surfacer. However, your gift of Sea Paw is appreciated. Now tend to your task as I will tend to my duties.
    • You: I'll do just that. (Walk away)
    • You: (Intimidate) All right, fish! After all that mucking about for a plant, you'd better deliver more on your end!
      • Priest Ni Sek: I see ... wisdom ... in your words.
      • Priest Ni Sek: Take this and go before the others notice that I've shown you favor.
        • You: I'll do just that. (Walk away)

After delivering the Sea Paws, talking to him again will give out no results:

  • Priest Ni Sek: I can aid you no more, landwalker. Finish your work here before the Devourer finds you in this holy place and begins a feast in your honor!
    • You: Now that's a creepy thought. (Walk away)