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Phiarlan Retainer

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You will die for Malicia's pleasure!

Type: Elf (List)

Race: Elf (List)

Monster Manual classification: Elf

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Rare: No

CR:  ♦22Icon tooltip.pngEpic Normal


Description: Phiarlan need to invest more on enchantment resistance gear for their retainers.


There are two retainers guarding the entrance to the Ball Room, in case you don't enter directly by the Illusionarium. If you try to enter by the front door, they will say:

  • Phiarlan Retainer: Invitation, please.
    • You: I have vital information about impending danger.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: Listen, <race>, I don't know if you mean it or if you're just hoping to get in—but it don't matter.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: This is Stormreach. There's always some undead horde or orc legions ready to give you a big helping of "impending danger." The only way folks get on with their lives is by throwing their big parties, laughing away the night and whatnot. Cause, everything's gotta be safe and dandy if you're partying.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: So why don't you take your armageddon or whatever, and solve it without bugging people who're just trying to enjoy themselves?
    • You: I don't have an invitation, but I need to get inside!
      • Phiarlan Retainer: No invitation, no party. Them's the rules, buddy.
    • You: How about I contribute to your retirement fund, and then you can let me inside?
      • Phiarlan Retainer: I ain't retiring for another 200 years, buddy.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: 'Sides, if the Viceroy catches me letting you in, it'll cost me a lot more than bribe money.
    • You: (Lie) I forgot my invitation, but I'm on the guest list. My name is <name>.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: Right, check the list for <name>.
      • Phiarlan Retainer (another one): <name>? There's no <name> on the list.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: Nice try, buddy. You ain't getting in if you're not on the list.

After you mess up with the guest list, you can ask them again for permission:

  • Phiarlan Retainer: Invitation, please.
  • You: I'm <name>. My name is on the guest list.
  • Phiarlan Retainer: Right, check the list for <name>.
  • Phiarlan Retainer (another one): <name> is the top VIP on the list!
  • Phiarlan Retainer (another one): Guard, why are you keeping such an important dignitary waiting? Let <him/her> in at once!
  • Phiarlan Retainer: My <???/Lady> <name>, welcome to the Phiarlan Grand Gala!

Inside the ball, a group of them are listening to Malior d'Phiarlan. talking to any of them will make them say:

  • Phiarlan Retainer: ??????????????????

If you discover Malior's true nature, you can talk to them again, trying to lure them away from him:

  • Phiarlan Retainer: Isn't Lord Malior a wonderful person?
    • You: You're under a spell. You need to forget about Malior!
      • Phiarlan Retainer: Don't be ridiculous. Malior is my friend.
    • You: (Bluff) I'm setting up a surprise party for Malior in the Library. Let's all go over there now... but don't tell Malior!
      • Phiarlan Retainer: (Failure) ?????????????
      • Phiarlan Retainer: (Success) Malior will be ecstatic! Let's go!
        • Phiarlan Retainer: Excuse us, Malior, we have an errand to attend to. We'll see you later. (They move to the Library)
    • You: (Diplomacy) I know you like this... Malior, but aren't you on duty? Shouldn't you get back to your post?
      • Phiarlan Retainer: (Failure) Don't worry, the Viceroy will surely want me to protect Malior above all others.
      • Phiarlan Retainer: (Success) You're right, the Viceroy will be furious if he catches us here!
        • Phiarlan Retainer: We have to get back to our posts before the Viceroy sees us! (They leave)
        • Malior d'Phiarlan: Wait, where are you going? Don't you want to listen to my next joke?