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Past Life: Berserker's Fury

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Icon Feat Past Life Barbarian.png
Past Life: Berserker's Fury


You recall more about your past life as a barbarian. You gain +20 hit points, have +2 to your Intimidate skill and can enter a barbarian rage one additional time per rest, and enter a basic rage once per rest even if you do not have any other rage abilities. (Activate this barbarian ability to enter a bloodthirsty frenzy, granting you a +4 bonus to Strength and Constitution, a +2 Morale bonus to Will saves, and a -2 penalty to AC. When the rage ends, however, you will lose the hit points granted to you by increased Constitution and become fatigued. Your rage will last for 30 seconds.) This feat grants access to Racial and Class Toughness enhancements.


The rage clicky last only 30 seconds and does not take into account any Barbarian enhancements what so ever. It also cannot be dismissed so you are unable to use any spells/clickies/certain potions while it is active. Nor can you enter a regular Barbarian rage. The reverse is possible however: Standard rage, then the clicky. Additionally, no extra uses will be granted by items that give extra rages.

Past Life: Berserker's Fury no longer modifies existing rage feats.

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