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Olyn Araphyr

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Olyn Araphyr.jpg

Name: Olyn Araphyr

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): The End of the Road

Receives Quest(s): The End of the Road

Affiliation(s): The Harpers

Location: Eveningstar, on the western edge of town, southeast of the entrance to The King's Forest, near a pair of performers

Description: <Harper>


  • Olyn Araphyr: Once again, The Harpers need your assistance. Will you go to The Blooded Wood on the High Road and stop The Netherese from re-assembling the Nether Scroll?
  • You: ...
  • Olyn Araphyr: Typos: Take the High Road and then head to The Blooded Wood. Once of our agents will meet you there. He'll take your scroll pieces, and tell you where can find the Netherese base where they are trying to re-assemble the scroll.
  • You: I'll go to the Blooded Wood and turn the scroll pieces over to the Harper agent there. (Bestow quest)

After you complete The End of the Road:

  • Olyn Araphyr: My apologies, <name>! That did not go as we expected.
  • Olyn Araphyr: Still, the Nether Scroll is now safely in Elminster's possession. He'll store the scroll pieces where Netheril will never find them.
  • Olyn Araphyr: And we could never have done it without your help. Your reward has been richly earned. (Display reward)