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Norbert Visbane

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Norbert Visbane.jpg

Name: Norbert Visbane

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): House Deneith


Description: <Unraveling Enchantment Expert>

The Tide Turns[edit]

When you reach the tower's upper outside area, he will be cowering near his device, and will scream to you:

  • Norbert Visbane: You must activate my device! It's our only chance!

If you talk to him to get more details, he will tell you:

  • Norbert Visbane: Quickly, you must activate my device. It's the only way to stop the pirates' airship!
  • You: What are you talking about?
  • Norbert Visbane: Well, I realized that this Tower is vulnerable to attack from airships. And airships are powered by elementals, you see. So I built a device that incorporated ...
  • Norbert Visbane: Oh, we don't have time for explanations! Just go over to the device and pull the lever!

House Deneith Enclave[edit]

After you complete The Tide Turns, he can be found near the Deneith Tower. Talking to him will make he say:

  • Norbert Visbane: Ah, <name>, it's wonderful to see you again!
  • Norbert Visbane: I've made some dramatic improvements to my device since the Blood Tide attack. In fact, my Device will now restore items that have Unraveling Enchantments
    • You: Take me to your Device. I have an item with an Unraveling Enchantment that I would like to restore. (teleport to Tower's pinnacle)
    • You: Device? What device?
      • Norbert Visbane: Why, my Device up on the top of the Deneith Tower. You remember—the one they used to call 'Visbane's Folly?
      • Norbert Visbane: But I showed them! Not only did my Device save House Deneith from those pirates, but now I've figured out how to make it restore Unraveling Enchantments!
    • You: What is an Unraveling Enchantment?
      • Norbert Visbane: Unraveling Enchantments are ones that have become unstable and weakened with time. But I've figured out how to reverse the process.
      • Norbert Visbane: Simply take the item with the Unraveling Enchantment and place it in my Device along with a Sigil of the Goat, a Sigil of the Lion, and a Sigil of the Dragon. Combine them all to restore the enchantment.