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Named weapons by minimum level

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Named Weapons grouped by minimum level

+1 Ember Repeating Light Crossbow-1 Quarterstaff of Lesser Halfling BaneAxe of the Scarlet WarriorBattleworn SwordBottle of Flesh to StoneBottled FireballBottled HealingBottled TornadoBouquet of FlowersBow of the Jade ElfClub of the Holy FlameEmber Great AxeEmber Heavy MaceEmber LongswordEmber RapierEmber Repeating Light CrossbowEmber ShortbowEmber SickleFintan's BiteFire Touch Heavy MaceFlame WardenIonna's Ancestral StaffLhorne's BladeLong Broom of MysteryLump of CoalMadstone RodMaul of VengeanceMin's HandwrapsMoldy Light CrossbowMoldy QuarterstaffMolin's Great AxeOath of DroaamOladren's Great CrossbowRod of Greater TeleportRod of TeleportRomag's Club of Earthen DominionRusty Great AxeRusty Heavy MaceRusty LongswordRusty RapierScepter of SiberysShort Broom of MysterySmoldering CudgelSnowballSoren's HandwrapsSphere of Silver Flame EssenceStaff of the Golden WizardStarter ModuleSun FlaskSword of PainThera's RapierThought SpikeThought Spike (starter)Valen's MaceWayfinder's Scepter

+1 Intimidating Dagger of Acid+1 Starter Dagger+1 Starter Greatsword+1 Starter Heavy Mace+1 Starter Kama+1 Starter Longbow+1 Starter Longsword+1 Starter Quarterstaff+1 Starter Rapier+1 Starter Scimitar+1 Starter Shortbow+1 Starter ShortswordBlade of InquisitionBloodknuckle's SmasherBloodletter's KnifeBrakhash's AxeCloven-Jaw LongbowDagger of InquisitionEternal RestGerard Dryden's MaceGnashtooth SickleGuardian's DaggerGuardkiller BowGuidanceHobble's CrossbowMelt Wood StaffMiasma's FangMorningstar of the HereticMuckbaneMutiny's ToothNicked GreatswordNicked Heavy MaceNicked KamaNicked Light HammerNicked LongbowNicked LongswordNicked QuarterstaffNicked Repeating Light CrossbowNicked ScimitarNicked ShortswordPastemakerPillar of LightRhakmel's DaggerScorpion StaffShadow StarSkartongue's LadelSpider SpikeSpiked Mace of the Elements+1 Starter Great Axe+1 Starter HandwrapsSword of the Giant Slave-masterWeeping HandwrapsZaramang's Longbow


Antique GreataxeBrigand's Cutlass (level 4)Brigand's Cutlass (level 4)(historic)Calomel Banded Light Repeater (level 4)Calomel Falchion (Level 4)Calomel Rapier (level 4)Calomel Scimitar (Level 4)Calomel Strung Long Bow (Level 4)Calomel Studded Handwraps (Level 4)CarnifexCheap Shot (level 5)Chieftain's SpearCrystallized Eternity (level 4)Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 4)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 4)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (Level 4)Elemental Khopesh of Water (Level 4)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 4)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 4)FlamedaggerFlametongueFlotsam (Level 4)Garos' MaliceGreatbow of the ScragHellfire CrossbowHellstroke Great AxeKron'zek's CrueltyLaceratorLumric's LongbowMaul of MightMoonhowl AxeMournlode Greataxe (Level 4)Mournlode Light Mace (Level 4)Mournlode Longsword (Level 4)Mournlode Maul (Level 4)Mournlode Shortsword (Level 4)Mournlode Warhammer (Level 4)Noxious FangOrnamented Dagger (Level 4)Ornamented Dagger (level 4)Phiarlan Spy DaggerPick of Endless Light (level 4)Poison-Tipped CrossbowRatkiller (level 4)Ratkiller (Level 4)Savage SwordScorching WrapsScorpion Tail ShortbowSky Pirate's DaggerSpectral Dagger (level 4)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 4)Staff of Nat GannStar of Endless Night (level 4)+2 Starter Great AxeT'Korcha Family ScimitarTiefling Assassin's BladeTimebladeTwig of the Giant MageWraps of Endless Light (level 4)

Acid Rune ArmBottled FearCaustic Forum Post (level 5)Chimera's BreathChimera's FangChipped Bastard SwordChulchannad's ClawClamorous Forum Post (level 5)Corroded RapierElyd EdgeFilthy KukriFire Rune ArmFirst Light (level 5)Flaming Forum Post (level 5)Force Rune ArmGreater Vial of SeafogIce Rune ArmIcy Forum Post (level 5)Jolly Roger BombKhyber's FuryKookie Kutter (level 5)Lesser Vial of SeafogLightning Rune ArmLynnabel's Bug Killer (level 5)Midnight GreetingsNecrotic Forum Post (level 5)Pumpkin HeadRadiant Rune ArmShocking Forum Post (level 5)Skull HeadStrinati's Hand CannonThe Diplomancer (level 5)Vial of Seafog

+1 Vorpal Sickle of HagglingArlyn's StaffBludgeoning BankrollBoneshard FluteBrine Shaman's StaffChill ShardCrushing CapitalCursed ShardCutting CurrencyDevotion (Handwraps)Dueling SchlagerDwarven ThrowerEviscerating ExpensesFanged WrapsFist of DaarguulGhostbane LongbowGiant Stalker's KnifeGiant's RoarGrievous BladeGwylan's BladeIron CleaverMace of SmitingMace of the WraithMuck's DevastationMuck's DoomNuushmaar's Adamantine ToothObsidian DaggerOnyxhornRusted ShamshirScoundrel's CutlassScoundrel's GreatswordScoundrel's LongswordScoundrel's Repeating Heavy CrossbowSerpentbranchShadowstrikeSickle of SypherosSparkstrikerSun BladeSwift DemiseSword of the ThirtyTotemic Staff of SplinterskullWhisperdoom's FangXoriat Forged BladeYarkuch's Greatsword

+3 Combustion Scorched Battle Axe+3 Combustion Scorched Dagger+3 Combustion Scorched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Combustion Scorched Hand Axe+3 Combustion Scorched Khopesh+3 Combustion Scorched Kukri+3 Combustion Scorched Light Hammer+3 Combustion Scorched Light Pick+3 Combustion Scorched Longsword+3 Combustion Scorched Maul+3 Combustion Scorched Rapier+3 Combustion Scorched Shortsword+3 Corrosion Caustic Bastard Sword+3 Corrosion Caustic Battle Axe+3 Corrosion Caustic Dwarven Waraxe+3 Corrosion Caustic Greatclub+3 Corrosion Caustic Kukri+3 Corrosion Caustic Light Hammer+3 Corrosion Caustic Light Mace+3 Corrosion Caustic Light Pick+3 Corrosion Caustic Maul+3 Corrosion Caustic Rapier+3 Corrosion Caustic Scimitar+3 Corrosion Caustic Shortsword+3 Corrosion Caustic Sickle+3 Energized Bastard Sword+3 Energized Battle Axe+3 Energized Dagger+3 Energized Dwarven Waraxe+3 Energized Falchion+3 Energized Great Crossbow+3 Energized Greatclub+3 Energized Hand Axe+3 Energized Heavy Crossbow+3 Energized Heavy Mace+3 Energized Heavy Pick+3 Energized Kama+3 Energized Khopesh+3 Energized Kukri+3 Energized Light Hammer+3 Energized Light Mace+3 Energized Light Pick+3 Energized Longbow+3 Energized Longsword+3 Energized Maul+3 Energized Morningstar+3 Energized Rapier+3 Energized Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Energized Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Energized Sceptre+3 Energized Scimitar+3 Energized Shortsword+3 Energized Sickle+3 Energized Warhammer+3 Etched Bastard Sword+3 Etched Battle Axe+3 Etched Dagger+3 Etched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Etched Falchion+3 Etched Great Crossbow+3 Etched Greatclub+3 Etched Hand Axe+3 Etched Heavy Crossbow+3 Etched Heavy Mace+3 Etched Heavy Pick+3 Etched Kama+3 Etched Khopesh+3 Etched Kukri+3 Etched Light Hammer+3 Etched Light Mace+3 Etched Light Pick+3 Etched Longbow+3 Etched Longsword+3 Etched Maul+3 Etched Morningstar+3 Etched Rapier+3 Etched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Etched Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Etched Sceptre+3 Etched Scimitar+3 Etched Shortsword+3 Etched Sickle+3 Etched Warhammer+3 Glaciation Doused Battle Axe+3 Glaciation Doused Dwarven Waraxe+3 Glaciation Doused Falchion+3 Glaciation Doused Hand Axe+3 Glaciation Doused Heavy Mace+3 Glaciation Doused Heavy Pick+3 Glaciation Doused Kama+3 Glaciation Doused Light Pick+3 Glaciation Doused Longsword+3 Glaciation Doused Maul+3 Glaciation Doused Rapier+3 Glaciation Doused Sceptre+3 Glaciation Doused Scimitar+3 Glaciation Doused Sickle+3 Glaciation Doused Warhammer+3 Magnetism Electrified Bastard Sword+3 Magnetism Electrified Battle Axe+3 Magnetism Electrified Dwarven Waraxe+3 Magnetism Electrified Falchion+3 Magnetism Electrified Hand Axe+3 Magnetism Electrified Heavy Pick+3 Magnetism Electrified Kama+3 Magnetism Electrified Khopesh+3 Magnetism Electrified Light Hammer+3 Magnetism Electrified Light Mace+3 Magnetism Electrified Light Pick+3 Magnetism Electrified Longsword+3 Magnetism Electrified Rapier+3 Magnetism Electrified Scimitar+3 Magnetism Electrified Sickle+3 Magnetism Electrified Warhammer+3 Quenched Bastard Sword+3 Quenched Battle Axe+3 Quenched Dagger+3 Quenched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Quenched Falchion+3 Quenched Great Crossbow+3 Quenched Greatclub+3 Quenched Hand Axe+3 Quenched Heavy Crossbow+3 Quenched Heavy Mace+3 Quenched Heavy Pick+3 Quenched Kama+3 Quenched Khopesh+3 Quenched Kukri+3 Quenched Light Hammer+3 Quenched Light Mace+3 Quenched Light Pick+3 Quenched Longbow+3 Quenched Longsword+3 Quenched Maul+3 Quenched Morningstar+3 Quenched Rapier+3 Quenched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Quenched Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Quenched Sceptre+3 Quenched Scimitar+3 Quenched Shortsword+3 Quenched Sickle+3 Quenched Warhammer+3 Smoldering Bastard Sword+3 Smoldering Battle Axe+3 Smoldering Dagger+3 Smoldering Dwarven Waraxe+3 Smoldering Falchion+3 Smoldering Great Crossbow+3 Smoldering Greatclub+3 Smoldering Hand Axe+3 Smoldering Heavy Crossbow+3 Smoldering Heavy Mace+3 Smoldering Heavy Pick+3 Smoldering Kama+3 Smoldering Khopesh+3 Smoldering Kukri+3 Smoldering Light Hammer+3 Smoldering Light Mace+3 Smoldering Light Pick+3 Smoldering Longbow+3 Smoldering Longsword+3 Smoldering Maul+3 Smoldering Morningstar+3 Smoldering Rapier+3 Smoldering Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Smoldering Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Smoldering Sceptre+3 Smoldering Scimitar+3 Smoldering Shortsword+3 Smoldering Sickle+3 Smoldering WarhammerAssassin's KissCaustic ClubCaustic GreataxeCaustic HandwrapsCaustic QuarterstaffCoronachCoronach (historic)Cranium CrackerDampened Greatclub of the ScragDampened ShatterbowDoused QuarterstaffElectrified GreataxeElectrified GreatswordElectrified HandwrapsElemental BloomEnergized ClubEnergized GreataxeEnergized GreatswordEnergized HandwrapsEnergized Light CrossbowEnergized QuarterstaffEtched ClubEtched GreataxeEtched GreatswordEtched HandwrapsEtched Light CrossbowEtched QuarterstaffGreatclub of the ScragLeopard's ChillLeveragePeriron's TalonQuenched ClubQuenched GreataxeQuenched GreatswordQuenched HandwrapsQuenched Light CrossbowQuenched QuarterstaffSapphire StingScorched GreatswordScorched QuarterstaffShatterbowSmoldering ClubSmoldering GreataxeSmoldering GreatswordSmoldering HandwrapsSmoldering Light CrossbowSmoldering QuarterstaffSouleaterSpinal TapThe Astral ProjectorThe Devourer's HungerThe Pea ShooterThrall of the Fire Temple

+2 Intimidating Dagger of Paralyzing AcidNightforge Avenger BladeBlood MacheteBrigand's Cutlass (Level 8)Brigand's Cutlass (level 8)Calomel Banded Light Repeater (level 8)Calomel Falchion (level 8)Calomel Rapier (level 8)Calomel Scimitar (level 8)Calomel Strung Long Bow (level 8)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 8)Cheap Shot (level 10)Crystallized Eternity (level 8)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 8)Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 8)Devout HandwrapsElemental Greataxe of Fire (level 8)Elemental Khopesh of Water (level 8)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 8)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 8)Fellblade (falchion)Fernian WrapsFlotsam (Level 8)FrostbrandNightforge GougeNightforge HammerJeweled HammerLightning RodLuck BladeMaelstromMournlode Greataxe (level 8)Mournlode Light Mace (level 8)Mournlode Longsword (level 8)Mournlode Maul (level 8)Mournlode Shortsword (level 8)Mournlode Warhammer (level 8)NightbladeOrnamented Dagger (Level 8)Ornamented Dagger (level 8)Phase HammerPick of Endless Light (level 8)PiledriverRahl's WrathRatcatcherRatkiller (level 8)Ratkiller (Level 8)RetributionShamanic StaffSheridan's RuinSheridan's WrackShrieking StarSilver LongbowSkin of the MockerySlave Master's StaffSnowstarSpectral Dagger (level 8)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 8)Nightforge SpikeStar of Endless Night (level 8)Star of IrianStave of the SeerNightforge StilettoTchurvul's KukriTenebrous StilettoTheurgic StaveThrenalian War BladeThrenalian War DaggerTyrzza's Bane (old version)Witching HourWraps of Endless Light (level 8)

Celestial BeaconEcho of BlackrazorEcho of WaveEcho of WhelmHand of the TombsInferno SniperRecoyleThe Disciplinator

Adoryn's MaliceAncient Vulkoorim DaggerArcane ShardBarovian ShurikenBarovian's SceptreBejeweled Letter OpenerBereavementBlade of FuryBlight InfernoBloody CleaverBow of the Elements (Air)Bravo's SwordCaustic Forum Post (level 10)Clamorous Forum Post (level 10)Club of the Holy Flame (starter)Collapsible ShortbowDynastic FalcataFirst Light (level 10)Flaming Forum Post (level 10)FlintForgotten AxeGarzuul's BaneHammer of LifeHound of the NightIcy Forum Post (level 10)Kookie Kutter (level 10)Lynnabel's Bug Killer (level 10)Macabre Heavy PickMacabre LongswordMacabre RapierMacabre ShurikenMirageNecrotic Forum Post (level 10)Prysuul's BaneReturning Axe of EmbersRocksplitterScepter of HealingScepter of the FleshweaverShining CrescentsShocking Forum Post (level 10)Sinister HandaxeSiroccoStaff of Inner SightStingStonedust HandwrapsSuppressive FireSword of ShadowTesyusTharkuul's BaneThe Diplomancer (level 10)ThornlordTinderTyrzza's BaneUnkor's CleaverWhirlwindWidowblightXuumZephyr

Titan's FistTrial by Fire

Adamantine Knuckles (level 12)Alchemical Bastard SwordAlchemical Battle AxeAlchemical DaggerAlchemical DartAlchemical Dwarven WaraxeAlchemical FalchionAlchemical Great CrossbowAlchemical GreataxeAlchemical GreatclubAlchemical GreatswordAlchemical Hand AxeAlchemical HandwrapsAlchemical Heavy CrossbowAlchemical Heavy MaceAlchemical Heavy PickAlchemical KamaAlchemical KhopeshAlchemical KukriAlchemical Light CrossbowAlchemical Light HammerAlchemical Light MaceAlchemical Light PickAlchemical LongbowAlchemical LongswordAlchemical MaulAlchemical MorningstarAlchemical QuarterstaffAlchemical RapierAlchemical Repeating Heavy CrossbowAlchemical Repeating Light CrossbowAlchemical ScepterAlchemical ScimitarAlchemical ShortbowAlchemical ShortswordAlchemical ShurikenAlchemical SickleAlchemical Throwing AxeAlchemical Throwing DaggerAlchemical Throwing HammerAlchemical WarhammerAllegiance (historic)Allegiance (Level 12)AtonementAxe of Adaxus (Level 12)Bloody Hooked BladeBloody Shadow StaffBloody War AxeBloody War BowBow of the Elements (Ice)Brigand's Cutlass (Level 12)Brigand's Cutlass (level 12)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (historic)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Calomel Banded Heavy Repeater (level 12)Calomel Falchion (level 12)Calomel Rapier (level 12)Calomel Scimitar (level 12)Calomel Strung Long Bow (level 12)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 12)ChaosbladeCharoush's Inferno (historic)Charoush's Inferno (Level 12)Copper Ingot Arcanum (historic)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Crippling CleaverCrippling Fury BladeCrippling Fury ShortswordCrippling RocksplitterCrippling Stonedust WrapsCrystalline Scepter (Level 12)Crystallized Eternity (level 12)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 12)Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 12)Destructive Hooked BladeDestructive Shadow StaffDestructive War AxeDestructive War BowElemental Greataxe of Fire (level 12)Elemental Khopesh of Water (level 12)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 12)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 12)Fell Rapier of IceFlotsam (Level 12)Gnollish War BowGreat Axe of the Chained Soldier (historic)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 12)Green BladeGreen Steel Bastard SwordGreen Steel Battle AxeGreen Steel DaggerGreen Steel Dwarven WaraxeGreen Steel FalchionGreen Steel Great CrossbowGreen Steel GreataxeGreen Steel GreatclubGreen Steel GreatswordGreen Steel Hand AxeGreen Steel HandwrapsGreen Steel Heavy CrossbowGreen Steel Heavy MaceGreen Steel Heavy PickGreen Steel KamaGreen Steel KhopeshGreen Steel KukriGreen Steel Light CrossbowGreen Steel Light HammerGreen Steel Light MaceGreen Steel Light PickGreen Steel LongbowGreen Steel LongswordGreen Steel MaulGreen Steel MorningstarGreen Steel QuarterstaffGreen Steel RapierGreen Steel Repeating Heavy CrossbowGreen Steel Repeating Light CrossbowGreen Steel SceptreGreen Steel ScimitarGreen Steel ShortbowGreen Steel ShortswordGreen Steel ShurikenGreen Steel SickleGreen Steel Throwing AxeGreen Steel Throwing DaggerGreen Steel Throwing HammerGreen Steel WarhammerGuardian of the LiturgyHammer of the Leaden Clouds (historic)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 12)Hooked BladeInfectious Hooked BladeInfectious Shadow StaffInfectious War AxeInfectious War BowInsurrectionMaiming CleaverMaiming Fury BladeMaiming Fury ShortswordMaiming RocksplitterMaiming Stonedust WrapsMaster Transmuter's StaffMaul of MaliceMournlode Greataxe (level 12)Mournlode Light Mace (level 12)Mournlode Longsword (level 12)Mournlode Maul (level 12)Mournlode Shortsword (level 12)Mournlode Warhammer (level 12)Ogrish War AxeOrnamented Dagger (Level 12)Ornamented Dagger (level 12)Petrifying Hooked BladePetrifying Shadow StaffPetrifying War AxePetrifying War BowPick of Endless Light (level 12)Ratkiller (Level 12)Ratkiller (level 12)RedemptionRoyal Scimitar (historic)Royal Scimitar (Level 12)Runed Ogre FemurScepter of the Ogre MagiSilver Ingot Arcanum (historic)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Skullsmasher (historic)Skullsmasher (Level 12)Spectral Dagger (level 12)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 12)Staff of Arcane PowerStaff of the ShadowStar of Endless Night (level 12)StormThe Mountain's Fist (Level 12)ToothpickTortured Livewood Bow (historic)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 12)Vampiric CleaverVampiric Fury BladeVampiric Fury ShortswordVampiric RocksplitterVampiric Stonedust WrapsVengeful CleaverVengeful Fury BladeVengeful Fury ShortswordVengeful RocksplitterVengeful Stonedust WrapsWindlasher (Level 12)Wraps of Endless Light (level 12)

Adamantine Knuckles (level 13)Allegiance (Level 13)Arcing Sky (Level 13)Arm of the ArchonsAxe of Adaxus (Level 13)Bleeding EdgeBranch of Vile Curses (Level 13)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Charoush's Inferno (Level 13)Chill of Winter (Level 13)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Crystalline Scepter (Level 13)Dawnbringer (level 13)Divine ArtilleryGreat Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 13)Greater Acid Rune ArmGreater Fire Rune ArmGreater Force Rune ArmGreater Ice Rune ArmGreater Lightning Rune ArmGreater Radiant Rune ArmHammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 13)Light UnendingRiftmakerRod of MythantRoyal Scimitar (Level 13)Scraps of EnlightenmentSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Skullsmasher (Level 13)The Mountain's Fist (Level 13)The Turmoil Within (Level 13)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 13)Windlasher (Level 13)

Adamantine Knuckles (level 14)Allegiance (Level 14)Axe of Adaxus (Level 14)Axe of FamineAxe of the Unseen BlowBeacon of DayBeacon of NightBow of SinewBranch of Vile Curses (Level 14)BreezeBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Charoush's Inferno (Level 14)CloudburstCopper Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)CoronationCrystalline Scepter (Level 14)DeathnipDiceDragon Sword of AcidDreamspitterEnduring ConvictionFell Shiv (Level 14)First Blood (Level 14)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 14)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 14)Hunter of WildsInsanityLilting SongLocked and LoadedPhosphorPlanar SpikePolycurse DaggerPrison Break (Level 14)QuarantineRadiant ArcRazorendReturn to SenderReturning SnowballRoyal Scimitar (Level 14)Scepter of Mad TrickerySerrulaeSeverShining DevastationSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)SkiverSkullsmasher (Level 14)SliceStaff of FleshshapingStaff of the PetitionerStormreach Guardian's AxeStormreach Guardian's CrossbowStormreach Guardian's HammerTail of the ScorpionTenderizerThe Fatal FlawThe Morning Star (Level 14)The Mountain's Fist (Level 14)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 14)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 14)TreasonTurbulent EpeeTwinbladeUnwavering ArdencyVulkoor's EdgeWhirling WordsWild FlameWild FrostWindlasher (Level 14)

Arc RicochetBranch of Vile Curses (Level 15)Breaking the BankCaustic Forum Post (level 15)Cheap Shot (level 15)Clamorous Forum Post (level 15)Corruption of Nature (Level 15)Creeping Dust ConduitDawnbreakerDeep DemiseDrowhunterDwarven Brawler's WrapsFell Shiv (Level 15)Fine FinessFirestorm ConduitFirst Blood (Level 15)First Light (level 15)Flaming Forum Post (level 15)Flicker of the Crescent MoonForester's Brush Hook (Level 15)ForgeForgebladeHeavy BoltslingerIcy Forum Post (level 15)Illusionist's FocusImplement of Stone MagicIvy Wraps (Level 15)Knight's BladeKookie Kutter (level 15)Light BoltslingerLunar CrescentLynnabel's Bug Killer (level 15)MoonbeamMoonsliceMoonwillowNecrotic Forum Post (level 15)Nightshade ShooterPlatinum KnucklesPrison Break (Level 15)Re-forged HammerRewardRiskRumbling ThunderShocking Forum Post (level 15)Stonework BeamStoneworker's HammerSuncrusherSunken BlasphemySunken ObscuritySunken RadianceSunken VirtueSunsliceSureshotSwailing Blade (Level 15)Syranian HandwrapsThe Arc Welder (close range)The Arc Welder (long range)The BanhammerThe Diplomancer (level 15)The Dumpster FireThe Morning Star (Level 15)ThundershotThunderstorm Crescent (Level 15)ThunderstrikeTira's SplendorTrapsmith's Crossbow (Level 15)Twisted WillowWave of DespairWave of Sorrow

Belashyrra's Cleansed ScepterBow of the Silver FlameBrigand's Cutlass (Level 16)Brigand's Cutlass (level 16)Broken Oar (level 16)Calomel Banded Heavy Repeater (level 16)Calomel Falchion (level 16)Calomel Rapier (level 16)Calomel Scimitar (level 16)Calomel Strung Long Bow (level 16)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 16)Corruption of Nature (Level 16)Cruel NobilityCrystallized Eternity (level 16)Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 16)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 16)Doublecross BowEarthshatter WarhammerElemental Greataxe of Fire (level 16)Elemental Khopesh of Water (level 16)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 16)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 16)Envenomed BladeFang of SiberysFell Shiv (Level 16)First Blood (Level 16)FlamewardFlotsam (Level 16)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 16)Forgotten Light (Level 16)Fury of the FlameIronwood Khopesh (Level 16)Ivy Wraps (Level 16)Luminous TruthMournlode Greataxe (level 16)Mournlode Light Mace (level 16)Mournlode Longsword (level 16)Mournlode Maul (level 16)Mournlode Shortsword (level 16)Mournlode Warhammer (level 16)Nature's VengeanceOrnamented Dagger (Level 16)Ornamented Dagger (level 16)Pick of Endless Light (level 16)Prison Break (Level 16)Ratkiller (level 16)Ratkiller (Level 16)Roadwatch Bow (Level 16)Silver SlingerSpectral Dagger (level 16)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 16)Star of Endless Night (level 16)Swailing Blade (Level 16)Templar's JusticeTemplar's RetributionThe Morning Star (Level 16)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 16)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 16)Unstable HandwrapsWatcher's BladeWraps of Endless Light (level 16)

Corruption of Nature (Level 17)Elemental Fury (Level 17)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 17)Forgotten Light (Level 17)Giant's Fist (Level 17)Glorious ObscenityIvy Wraps (Level 17)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 17)Roadwatch Bow (Level 17)Swailing Blade (Level 17)Thunder and Lightning (Level 17)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 17)

Bone CrusherBonesplitterDeath's TouchDivine VengeanceDream EdgeElemental Fury (Level 18)Forgotten Light (Level 18)Frostbite Blade (Level 18)Giant's Fist (Level 18)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 18)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 18)Master's Riposte (Level 18)Rahl's MightResplendenceRoadwatch Bow (Level 18)TerrorThaarak WrapsThe Mad LuteThunder and Lightning (Level 18)

AnimusElemental Fury (Level 19)Frostbite Blade (Level 19)Giant's Fist (Level 19)Lucid DreamsMagistrate's Scepter (Level 19)Master's Riposte (Level 19)Thunder and Lightning (Level 19)Toven's Hammer

+5 Heirloom Spelltouched DartAlarphon's StaffArchaic DeviceCaustic Forum Post (level 20)Cheap Shot (level 20)Clamorous Forum Post (level 20)Crystallized Eternity (level 20)EarthcarverEarthcarver ShardEpic Ancient Vulkoorim DaggerEpic Antique GreataxeEpic Bejeweled Letter OpenerEpic Bow of the Elements (Air)Epic Bow of the Silver FlameEpic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 20)Epic Brigand's Cutlass (level 20)Epic Broken Oar (level 20)Epic Calomel Banded Heavy RepeaterEpic Calomel FalchionEpic Calomel Long BowEpic Calomel RapierEpic Calomel ScimitarEpic Calomel Studded HandwrapsEpic ChaosbladeEpic Chimera's FangEpic Collapsible ShortbowEpic Cruel NobilityEpic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 20)Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 20)Epic Doublecross BowEpic Dynastic FalcataEpic Elemental Greataxe of FireEpic Elemental Khopesh of WaterEpic Elemental Longbow of EarthEpic Elemental Rapier of AirEpic Elyd EdgeEpic Envenomed BladeEpic FlamewardEpic FlintEpic Fury of the FlameEpic Garos' MaliceEpic Greatclub of the ScragEpic Green BladeEpic Hammer of LifeEpic Hellfire CrossbowEpic Hellstroke Great AxeEpic Kron'zek's CrueltyEpic Luminous TruthEpic Midnight GreetingsEpic MirageEpic Mournlode GreataxeEpic Mournlode Light MaceEpic Mournlode LongswordEpic Mournlode MaulEpic Mournlode ShortswordEpic Mournlode WarhammerEpic Noxious FangEpic Ornamented Dagger (level 20)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 20)Epic Phiarlan Spy DaggerEpic Ratkiller (Level 20)Epic ShatterbowEpic Silver SlingerEpic SiroccoEpic SouleaterEpic Staff of Arcane PowerEpic Staff of Inner SightEpic Staff of Nat GannEpic StingEpic StormEpic Sword of ShadowEpic Templar's JusticeEpic Templar's RetributionEpic ThornlordEpic TimebladeEpic TinderEpic Unkor's CleaverEpic WhirlwindEpic XuumEpic ZephyrFirst Light (level 20)Flaming Forum Post (level 20)Flotsam (Level 20)Grave WrappingsIcy Forum Post (level 20)Implement of the Deep WoodsKookie Kutter (level 20)Lynnabel's Bug Killer (level 20)Necrotic Forum Post (level 20)OathbladePale RodPick of Endless Light (level 20)Sacrificial DaggerShocking Forum Post (level 20)Spectral Dagger (level 20)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 20)Star of DayStar of Endless Night (level 20)Stout Oak Walking StickThe Diplomancer (level 20)Wraps of Endless Light (level 20)

Blade of the High PriestessDrow Bastard Sword of the Weapon MasterDrow Dagger of the Weapon MasterDrow Greataxe of the Weapon MasterDrow Khopesh of the Weapon MasterDrow Light Mace of the Weapon MasterDrow Longsword of the Weapon MasterDrow Maul of the Weapon MasterDrow Quarterstaff of the Weapon MasterDrow Rapier of the Weapon MasterDrow Scimitar of the Weapon MasterDrow Shortsword of the Weapon MasterDrow Warhammer of the Weapon MasterDuergar Waraxe of the Weapon MasterEpic Bludgeoning BankrollEpic Crushing CapitalEpic Cursed ShardEpic Eviscerating ExpensesEpic ShadowstrikeIcerazorMuck's ObliterationSlaver's Hand CrossbowStaff of the NecromancerThe Epic Astral Projector

Corruption of Nature (level 22)Epic Thrall of the Fire TempleForester's Brush Hook (Level 22)Ivy Wraps (Level 22)Swailing Blade (Level 22)Thunder-Forged Alloy Bastard SwordThunder-Forged Alloy Battle AxeThunder-Forged Alloy ClubThunder-Forged Alloy DaggerThunder-Forged Alloy DartThunder-Forged Alloy Dwarven WaraxeThunder-Forged Alloy FalchionThunder-Forged Alloy Great CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy GreataxeThunder-Forged Alloy GreatclubThunder-Forged Alloy GreatswordThunder-Forged Alloy Hand AxeThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy MaceThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy PickThunder-Forged Alloy KamaThunder-Forged Alloy KhopeshThunder-Forged Alloy KukriThunder-Forged Alloy Light CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Light HammerThunder-Forged Alloy Light MaceThunder-Forged Alloy Light PickThunder-Forged Alloy LongbowThunder-Forged Alloy LongswordThunder-Forged Alloy MaulThunder-Forged Alloy MorningstarThunder-Forged Alloy QuarterstaffThunder-Forged Alloy RapierThunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Heavy CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Light CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy ScepterThunder-Forged Alloy ScimitarThunder-Forged Alloy ShortbowThunder-Forged Alloy ShortswordThunder-Forged Alloy ShurikenThunder-Forged Alloy SickleThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing AxeThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing DaggerThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing HammerThunder-Forged Alloy WarhammerThunder-Forged HandwrapsThunderstorm Crescent (Level 22)

Adamantine Knuckles (level 23)Agony, the Knife in the DarkAllegiance (Level 23)Antipode, Fist of the HorizonArcing Sky (Level 23)Axe of Adaxus (Level 23)Balizarde, Protector of the KingBreach, The Dividing BladeBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Celestia, Brightest Star of DayCharoush's Inferno (Level 23)Chill of Winter (Level 23)Cleaver, Hewer of SufferingCopper Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Corruption of Nature (level 23)Crystalline Scepter (Level 23)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 23)Forgotten Light (Level 23)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 23)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 23)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 23)Ivy Wraps (Level 23)Mornh, Hammer of the MountainsNeedle, Quill-slingerNightmare, the Fallen MoonPinion, Cloud-piercerRoadwatch Bow (Level 23)Royal Scimitar (Level 23)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Sireth, Spear of the SkySkullsmasher (Level 23)Swailing Blade (Level 23)The Mountain's Fist (Level 23)The Turmoil Within (Level 23)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 23)Tinah, Sword of the SeaTortured Livewood Bow (Level 23)Twilight, Element of MagicWindlasher (Level 23)

Adamantine Knuckles (level 24)Allegiance (Level 24)Arcing Sky (Level 24)Axe of Adaxus (Level 24)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Charoush's Inferno (Level 24)Chill of Winter (Level 24)Coffin NailCopper Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Corruption of Nature (level 24)Crystalline Scepter (Level 24)Crystallized Eternity (level 24)Devourer's ReapingDrowned Priest's TorchEpic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 24)Epic Brigand's Cutlass (level 24)Epic Broken Oar (level 24)Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 24)Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 24)Epic Ornamented Dagger (level 24)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 24)Epic Ratkiller (Level 24)Epic Ratkiller (level 24)Flotsam (Level 24)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 24)Forgotten Light (Level 24)Glass CannonGlass Cannon (tier 1)Glass Cannon (tier 2)Glass Cannon (tier 3)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 24)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 24)Hunter's Slayer (Level 24)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 24)Ivy Wraps (Level 24)Mizzen-Mast SplinterMutineer's BladePick of Endless Light (level 24)Roadwatch Bow (Level 24)Royal Scimitar (Level 24)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Skullsmasher (Level 24)Spectral Dagger (level 24)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 24)St. Mu'Ray's FireStar of Endless Night (level 24)Swailing Blade (Level 24)The Mountain's Fist (Level 24)The Turmoil Within (Level 24)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 24)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 24)Windlasher (Level 24)Wraps of Endless Light (level 24)

Adamantine Knuckles (level 25)Allegiance (Level 25)Arcing Sky (Level 25)Axe of Adaxus (Level 25)BraisingstarBroccoli BashersBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Caustic Forum Post (level 25)Charoush's Inferno (Level 25)Cheap Shot (level 25)Chill of Winter (Level 25)Clamorous Forum Post (level 25)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Crystalline Scepter (Level 25)DreampiercerFell Shiv (Level 25)First Blood (Level 25)First Light (level 25)Flaming Forum Post (level 25)Forgotten Light (Level 25)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 25)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 25)Hunter's Slayer (Level 25)Icy Forum Post (level 25)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 25)Kookie Kutter (level 25)Lynnabel's Bug Killer (level 25)Necrotic Forum Post (level 25)Prison Break (Level 25)RebellionRoadwatch Bow (Level 25)Royal Scimitar (Level 25)Shocking Forum Post (level 25)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Skullsmasher (Level 25)Skybreaker, Hand of the StormreaverThe Diplomancer (level 25)The Morning Star (Level 25)The Mountain's Fist (Level 25)The Turmoil Within (Level 25)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 25)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 25)Windlasher (Level 25)

+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Bastard Sword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Battle Axe+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Dagger+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Falchion+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Greatclub+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Heavy Mace+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Heavy Pick+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Khopesh+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Kukri+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Light Hammer+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Light Mace+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Longsword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Morningstar+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Rapier+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Scimitar+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Shortsword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Warhammer+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Falchion+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Greatclub+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Heavy Mace+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Heavy Pick+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Kama+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Khopesh+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Kukri+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Light Hammer+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Light Mace+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Light Pick+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Longsword+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Morningstar+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Scimitar+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Shortsword+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Warhammer+7 Epic Energized Bastard Sword+7 Epic Energized Battle Axe+7 Epic Energized Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Energized Great Crossbow+7 Epic Energized Hand Axe+7 Epic Energized Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Energized Heavy Mace+7 Epic Energized Heavy Pick+7 Epic Energized Khopesh+7 Epic Energized Kukri+7 Epic Energized Light Mace+7 Epic Energized Longbow+7 Epic Energized Maul+7 Epic Energized Morningstar+7 Epic Energized Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Energized Sceptre+7 Epic Energized Sickle+7 Epic Etched Bastard Sword+7 Epic Etched Battle Axe+7 Epic Etched Dagger+7 Epic Etched Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Etched Falchion+7 Epic Etched Great Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Greatclub+7 Epic Etched Hand Axe+7 Epic Etched Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Heavy Mace+7 Epic Etched Heavy Pick+7 Epic Etched Kama+7 Epic Etched Khopesh+7 Epic Etched Kukri+7 Epic Etched Light Hammer+7 Epic Etched Light Mace+7 Epic Etched Light Pick+7 Epic Etched Longbow+7 Epic Etched Maul+7 Epic Etched Morningstar+7 Epic Etched Rapier+7 Epic Etched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Repeating Light Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Scimitar+7 Epic Quenched Bastard Sword+7 Epic Quenched Battle Axe+7 Epic Quenched Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Quenched Falchion+7 Epic Quenched Great Crossbow+7 Epic Quenched Greatclub+7 Epic Quenched Hand Axe+7 Epic Quenched Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Quenched Heavy Mace+7 Epic Quenched Heavy Pick+7 Epic Quenched Kama+7 Epic Quenched Khopesh+7 Epic Quenched Kukri+7 Epic Quenched Light Hammer+7 Epic Quenched Light Mace+7 Epic Quenched Light Pick+7 Epic Quenched Longbow+7 Epic Quenched Longsword+7 Epic Quenched Maul+7 Epic Quenched Morningstar+7 Epic Quenched Rapier+7 Epic Quenched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Quenched Sceptre+7 Epic Smoldering Bastard Sword+7 Epic Smoldering Battle Axe+7 Epic Smoldering Dagger+7 Epic Smoldering Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Smoldering Falchion+7 Epic Smoldering Great Crossbow+7 Epic Smoldering Greatclub+7 Epic Smoldering Hand Axe+7 Epic Smoldering Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Smoldering Heavy Mace+7 Epic Smoldering Heavy Pick+7 Epic Smoldering Kama+7 Epic Smoldering Khopesh+7 Epic Smoldering Kukri+7 Epic Smoldering Light Hammer+7 Epic Smoldering Light Mace+7 Epic Smoldering Light Pick+7 Epic Smoldering Longbow+7 Epic Smoldering Longsword+7 Epic Smoldering Maul+7 Epic Smoldering Morningstar+7 Epic Smoldering Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Smoldering Scimitar+7 Epic Smoldering Shortsword+7 Epic Smoldering Sickle+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Bastard Sword+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Battle Axe+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Dagger+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Falchion+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Hand Axe+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Heavy Mace+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Heavy Pick+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Kama+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Khopesh+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Light Mace+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Light Pick+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Morningstar+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Sceptre+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Scimitar+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Sickle+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Warhammer+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Battle Axe+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Falchion+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Greatclub+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Hand Axe+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Heavy Mace+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Heavy Pick+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Kama+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Khopesh+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Kukri+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Light Mace+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Light Pick+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Longsword+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Rapier+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Sceptre+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified SickleElemental Fury (Level 26)Epic Assassin's KissEpic Bone CrusherEpic Caustic ClubEpic Caustic GreataxeEpic Caustic QuarterstaffEpic Cranium CrackerEpic Doused ClubEpic Doused GreataxeEpic Doused HandwrapsEpic Doused QuarterstaffEpic Electrified GreatswordEpic Electrified HandwrapsEpic Electrified QuarterstaffEpic Elemental BloomEpic Energized ClubEpic Energized GreataxeEpic Energized GreatswordEpic Energized HandwrapsEpic Energized QuarterstaffEpic Etched ClubEpic Etched GreataxeEpic Etched HandwrapsEpic Etched Light CrossbowEpic Leopard's ChillEpic LeverageEpic Periron's TalonEpic Quenched GreataxeEpic Quenched GreatswordEpic Quenched HandwrapsEpic Quenched Light CrossbowEpic ResplendenceEpic Sapphire StingEpic Scorched GreataxeEpic Scorched GreatswordEpic Scorched HandwrapsEpic Scorched QuarterstaffEpic Smoldering GreataxeEpic Smoldering GreatswordEpic Smoldering Light CrossbowEpic Spinal TapFell Shiv (Level 26)Fellblade (longsword)First Blood (Level 26)Frostbite Blade (Level 26)Giant's Fist (Level 26)Hunter's Slayer (Level 26)Legendary Green Steel Bastard SwordLegendary Green Steel Battle AxeLegendary Green Steel DaggerLegendary Green Steel DartLegendary Green Steel Dwarven WaraxeLegendary Green Steel FalchionLegendary Green Steel Great CrossbowLegendary Green Steel GreataxeLegendary Green Steel GreatclubLegendary Green Steel GreatswordLegendary Green Steel Hand AxeLegendary Green Steel HandwrapsLegendary Green Steel Heavy CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Heavy MaceLegendary Green Steel Heavy PickLegendary Green Steel KamaLegendary Green Steel KhopeshLegendary Green Steel KukriLegendary Green Steel Light CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Light HammerLegendary Green Steel Light MaceLegendary Green Steel Light PickLegendary Green Steel LongbowLegendary Green Steel LongswordLegendary Green Steel MaulLegendary Green Steel MorningstarLegendary Green Steel QuarterstaffLegendary Green Steel RapierLegendary Green Steel Repeating Heavy CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Repeating Light CrossbowLegendary Green Steel SceptreLegendary Green Steel ScimitarLegendary Green Steel ShortbowLegendary Green Steel ShortswordLegendary Green Steel ShurikenLegendary Green Steel SickleLegendary Green Steel Throwing AxeLegendary Green Steel Throwing DaggerLegendary Green Steel Throwing HammerLegendary Green Steel WarhammerMagistrate's Scepter (Level 26)Master's Riposte (Level 26)Mythic Bone CrusherPrison Break (Level 26)The Morning Star (Level 26)Thunder and Lightning (Level 26)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 26)

Dagan's MalletElemental Fury (Level 27)Epic Returning SnowballEpic Whirling WordsFell Shiv (Level 27)First Blood (Level 27)Frostbite Blade (Level 27)Giant's Fist (Level 27)Gloaming PhilterMagistrate's Scepter (Level 27)Master's Riposte (Level 27)Prison Break (Level 27)Storm's HarnessThe Morning Star (Level 27)Thunder and Lightning (Level 27)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 27)

Brilliant CrescentCalamity, a Brush with DeathChaosbowCrystallized Eternity (level 28)Dawnbringer (level 28)Divinity, the Morninglord's GoalDuality, the Moral CompassDusk, the Light DescendsEcho of the SunswordElemental Fury (Level 28)Epic Arm of the ArchonsEpic Bleeding EdgeEpic Brigand's Cutlass (level 28)Epic Broken Oar (level 28)Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (level 28)Epic DiceEpic Divine ArtilleryEpic Light UnendingEpic Locked and LoadedEpic Ornamented Dagger (level 28)Epic Ratkiller (level 28)Epic Return to SenderEpic RiftmakerEpic Rod of MythantEpic Scraps of EnlightenmentEpic SliceFate, the Knower of AllFlotsam (Level 28)Flow, the Piercer of HeartsFrostbite Blade (Level 28)Giant's Fist (Level 28)Gulthias StaffKnives EternalLegendary Deep DemiseLegendary DrowhunterLegendary Dwarven Brawler's WrapsLegendary ForgeLegendary Forgotten AxeLegendary Heavy BoltslingerLegendary Light BoltslingerLegendary Slave Master's StaffLegendary Stonework BeamLegendary ThunderstrikeLegendary Wave of DespairLegendary Wave of SorrowLightning CoilMagistrate's Scepter (Level 28)Master's Riposte (Level 28)NightshardNocturne, the Song of NightNull, the Darkness WithoutPain, the Half of WholePick of Endless Light (level 28)Reflection of BlackrazorReflection of The FrostbladeReflection of WaveSanctity, the Morninglord's KeepSavior, the Breaker of ChainsSoulrazorSpectral Dagger (level 28)Spectral Throwing Dagger (level 28)Spiral, the Voice of the ElementsSpite, the Fractured ShardsStar of Endless Night (level 28)Suffering, the Half of WholeThe Epic Fatal FlawThe Legendary Arc Welder (close range)The Legendary Arc Welder (long range)The Staff of ShadowThunder and Lightning (Level 28)TimeshardTorn, That Which Renders DespairTornadoTremor, the Breaker of BonesVoid, the Endless ColdVolley, Arbalest of the Damned

Baz'Morath, the Curator of DecayConstellation, Cursed BladeFetters of the ForgewraithHellstroke Heavy MaceHoarfrost, Herald of the Bitter IceLegendary Arc RicochetLegendary Beacon of DayLegendary Beacon of NightLegendary Blight InfernoLegendary Breaking the BankLegendary Celestial BeaconLegendary Creeping Dust ConduitLegendary Echo of BlackrazorLegendary Echo of WaveLegendary Echo of WhelmLegendary Firestorm ConduitLegendary Flicker of the Crescent MoonLegendary Hound of the NightLegendary Hunter of WildsLegendary Inferno SniperLegendary Lilting SongLegendary Lunar CrescentLegendary MoonbeamLegendary MoonsliceLegendary MoonwillowLegendary Nightshade ShooterLegendary Planar SpikeLegendary Platinum KnucklesLegendary QuarantineLegendary Rumbling ThunderLegendary Sinister HandaxeLegendary Stormreach Guardian's AxeLegendary Stormreach Guardian's CrossbowLegendary Stormreach Guardian's HammerLegendary SuncrusherLegendary Sunken BlasphemyLegendary Sunken ObscurityLegendary Sunken RadianceLegendary Sunken VirtueLegendary SunsliceLegendary Suppressive FireLegendary Tail of the ScorpionLegendary ThundershotLegendary Twisted WillowLegendary Vulkoor's EdgeLegendary Wild FlameLegendary Wild FrostMachination of MadnessMorninglord's SceptreNightmother's SceptreSoul's SorrowStaff of IrianStickerclick, the Bitter Hail of BoltsSunswordThe Broken Blade of ConstellationThe Eclipse ItselfThe Everstorm, Maelstrom CourserThe Fractured EleganceThe Hallowed SplintersThe Labrythine KukriThe Legendary Dumpster FireThe Reflection of WhelmThe Shattered Hilt of ConstellationThe Wide Open SkyUntold, Crack in the Sky

Caustic Forum Post (level 30)Cheap Shot (level 30)Clamorous Forum Post (level 30)First Light (level 30)Flaming Forum Post (level 30)Icy Forum Post (level 30)Kookie Kutter (level 30)Lynnabel's Bug Killer (level 30)Necrotic Forum Post (level 30)Shocking Forum Post (level 30)The Diplomancer (level 30)

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